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Balding From Front

Posted by Adi on 09/12/2007

Dear Ted, I hope you are fine. I need your help to stop my hair loss. For the last 2 years I am suffering from hair loss. I am balding from the front. I consulted a homeopathic doctor. But it did not help. He said I have infection in my scalp. But I dont feel so. Sometimes I feel pain at the root of my hair when I move my hand through my hair. I am 27 and from India. Please help me solve my problem when you find some time. Thanks in advance

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Adi: Sometimes an agressive sort of bacteria sets in like a staph bacteria, and sometimes its the fungus. But the bacteria sets of more pain. If a remedy that remains to be some sort of bacteria, then the hair loss might be more easily helped with mostly zinc, magnesium and sometimes maganese. Alkalizing remedy such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day may help the body alkalize better. However it I might be helpful at least for me if a scalp pain is witness to avoid bakery products, sweets, ice cream and white flour products. Those cause the most pain as they seem to fuel the root hair pain the greatest. Stopping those at least two weeks seem to helped the most. I remember if I allowed them to continue its path, they manifests themselves as a large pimple of boils which can be even more painful. I would very likely take 50 mg of zinc gluconate, for about 4 days out of a week for a month, some manganese chelated supplements about 25 mg (usually 4 days out ofa week), 250 mg of magnesium citrate for 5 days out of a week, which would be most helpful. The bacteria tends to flourish under certain conditions of acidosis, low magnesium, and low zinc in the blood, and higher than average sugar. Once they set in even if they are normalize are relatively more difficult to kill them as they have already colonized. Hence, I might consider the topical application of milk of magnesia with magnesium sulfate (50/50) and some iodine is added (where resultant solution is very like purple color), applied to the hair overnight, and if that doesn't work for a couple of days, if some improvements should be noted then I would continue to do so for a couple of days. If not, I may decide to kill them outright using some lavender oils.

Whichever the case, hair loss, at least for me is a microbial problems, whether it is from fungus, or bacteria in origin, and quite often magnesium, zinc and manganese are the longer term solution, as well as the alkalization. The head is the area that gets the most highest fungus count, dusts, pollution and bacteria. The hair acts as a sort of air filtering (almost like an antenna for microbes) and hence it is why the hair fall off, but the rest of the body doesn't, generally speaking. If anyone is observant most hair medications against hair loss works on that simple principle, whether their ingredients be coal tar, selenium, zinc, for example. But they don't cover everything, such as magnesium, alkalization, heavy metals, for example which can also lead to the same condition. Whichever the case, sugar, white flour, vegetable oils are the foods I would avoid, and I would likely add more foods having more soy proteins, or other high amino acid source. Green tea without sugar and milk helps. It should be noted that I won't drink milk with other foods. The milk proteins is an antinutrient due to their binding capacity to other nutrients, which is why milk is sometimes used against food poisoning. But in event of a nutritional crisis, those is best taken in isolation away from other foods or avoided altogether.