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Fungal Cause of Hair Loss?

Posted by K (Anon) on 11/25/2012

Hi Ted, I have had the pleasure of getting some of your wonderful advice in the past, but I am sad to report that I am still suffering from hair loss and the other day I was willing to give up and just accept my balding head but as a women this is so very hard to accept. I came accross a site about cicatricial centrifungal alopecia and although im no doctor, I have been suffering from and researching my condition for about 10 years now and I truly believe my hair loss is fungus related and I know you have spoke of fungus being the culprit for many hair loss cases.

Back in 2003 I traveled to the Dominican Republic on vacation to a resort and my mother believes I picked up a fungus there, im not sure. I do know that in 2003 is when I first discovered a thinning, round bald spot in my head at the very top crown or vertex area as they call it and also developed a darkened type skin discoloration on my back which I also still have today and is often itchy. I would use certain products, Ketoconazole shampoo for my scalp and skin on my back, retinal A which made it worst, both from a doctor then i moved to tea tree and other things natural things including Candex pills which almost cleared my back 100% and was much better than the Dr. prescribed meds, this is when I also discovered Natural things work best if not better! But fast forward 10 year later and I have still continued to deal with this disorder and have lost about 50% of my hair on my head and most of the hair loss in at the top with the very middle crown area being the thinnest. I have also lost hairs on my edges/temporal area, but have been able to grow them back with things like emu oil, coconut, castor oil, tea tree, lavender etc, but not the top of my head. Also I want to mention that I do get the inflammation in the head, along with itching, and a reddened scalp when the thinning is. I believe my condition needs heavy, strong anti fungal meds for within my body. There is a med being used to treat fungus in the body but Im generally afraid of conventional meds because of the many side effects. This one medicine called Griseofulvin, is used to treat this centrifungal hair loss condition. I really dont like conventional meds but Im so desperate. So my question to you is, can you research or tell me about this drug Griseofulvin and then tell me some natural alternatives to this medicine that I can take to cure myself of this terrible fungus in my body. I need something very strong and please tell me for how long I would need to take. I dont believe my follicles are dead yet, I believe the hair still has a chance to grow since I have been able to thicken it back sometimes over the years, please GIVE ME YOUR WONDERFUL ADVICE, IM SO DESPERATE AND TIRED OF CRYING :(

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Obviously Candex is a complex of digestive enzymes for fungus and helps hair loss, unfortunately not all fungus are created equal! And it works briefly. There are some that won't respond to them, such as black mold fungus for example, which generally doesn't respond to any treatments you mentioned.

There are a couple of chemicals I have found over my last postings that seem to help, which can be tried. These include tannic acid, tannic acid with DMSO, urea, and the latest one is sodium thiosulfate, these I have tried with good success, especially the last one.

Certain fungi responded to urea, because the diets makes them worse, such as vegetarian diets, which usually are high in carbohydrates, sugar, and vegetable oils; and as a result of their protein diets, we are low in urea (the end product of protein metabolism is urea). That was what causes the hair loss among the vegetarians in general. As to tannic acid and tannic acid with DMSO, this is for a fungus that is more deep in the skin, that is like an allergen that won't die, so a deeper penetrant such as DMSO with tannic acid, say 10% tannic acid in DMSO solution applied thinly over the affected area should create a response immediately. The tannic acid is for allergens that didn't penetrate. The borax in general is mixed in 1% hydrogen peroxide and is applied, I often used with a 10% solution of B3 niacinamide to help regrow the hair loss usually caused by certain fungus, but some fungus are aggressive and respond negatively.

The last fungal remedy is sodium thiosufate, which seems to be a broad spectrum anti fungal that works the best. I used a 10% solution but 10% to 30% is fine, exacting figures are not necessary, and this is applied to the head overnight. Within a few minutes, say 5 minutes, you should get less itchiness of the head if it works. I have seen people who had allergies all their lives who were relieved with sodium thiosulfate in one treatment. In fact one of the causes of polyps in this case is a fungus, as once the condition is relieved, the polyp also went away. Most conditions of arthritis are a fungus condition and vets generally learn quietly that animals generally have arthritis from a fungus as a result of high carbohydrates and sugar too and fed by people who very much love their pets. You can love them but you can't feed them, it also causes hair loss in animals!

The urea treatment is similar. If a 10% to 20% solution of urea in water is applied topically to scalp and skin, and you get less itchiness, then that's the solution to your hair issues. But urea also indicates you may have low protein in the diet and that also causes hair loss, and must change accordingly. There are generally two reasons why urine therapy works, especially for vegetarians, the urine is their source of urea another is the fact that deuterium is generally low in the urine, thus having a therapeutic value, the other is well known in hormones, vitamins, electrolytes, etc. So you can try these two ones not posted before.


Replied by Kamila

How does antifungal therapy with sodium thiosulfate left on scalp overnight will work for hair? Does it affect them in any way? I have fungal issues but I also have long hair and don't want to be bald because of the "cure".