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Accutane Caused Hair Loss?

Posted by Balding in Canada on 02/11/2012

Hey Ted, I have seen that you offer a lot of help to people on the website. I'm a 20 year old male from Canada. Anyways, i've been dealing with noticeable hair loss for about 14 months now and i cant seem to find the root of the problem. My hair loss started out as just general thinning from everywhere on the scalp, when i would run my hand thru my hair i would notice maybe 1 or 2 hairs on my hand. Now it has progressed to me losing alot of hair on the sides and back of my head along my back hairline with what i believe is an accelerated receding hairline. I also have no problem pulling out 1-3 eyebrow/eyelashes' when i touch them with the same white bulb and white root to the hair.

Along with my hair loss i would get a very itchy scalp and body too that would cause me to scratch my head and thus cause hair to fall. most the itch was coming from the back of my head and from the areas where i was receding. it feels like my scalp is always dried out as well. i have been using nizoral 2% shampoo and have found that it helps the itching. 2 years ago i took acctuane for approx. 6 months. im starting to make the connection that maybe the accutane had a part in the issue. i should also note that i smoke marijuana on a regular basis maybe 1 or 2 times a day, not sure if that really matters just a side note for your info. i have been to 2 different dermatologists and they both told me i just have MPB and would offer to write me a note to get rogaine or propecia. i tried using minoxidil 5% for approx. 4 months but found that it made my receding hairline alot worse so i have since stopped using it. the hairs that fall i notice have started to turn white at the root and become very thin and are accompanied with the white bulb at the end of the hair on the root end. the one derm told me that it is a sign of telogen effluvium which makes sense with what i can find on the internet. in the past summer i had all blood tests done and they all came out pretty normal.

i found a source who had the similar problem who stated he thought taking accutane caused Hypervitaminosis A, a biotin deficiency from taking accutane. i also drink a healthy amount of water as i am a junior hockey player so im always on the ice and working out.

I am out of ideas and people locally who i can go to for help. please offer up any piece of information you might know of. thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Baldness in men and women is helped mostly by B3 niacinamide in my findings, as well as biotin, borax and sodium molybdate, especially the B3 and borax. They are also helped with cysteine, n acetyl cysteine as they are the major components of hair. The B3 supports hair growth and some hair loss, but what i see in my clients and friends are PABA or manganese sulfate prevents hair loss, especially the PABA, it acts as an antioxidant on hair and prevents the hair loss, but the one element that seems to promote hair growth for sure is B3 niacinamide. But the borax seems to have an effect in killing of fungus that often causes hair loss, B3 also prevents hair loss but is noted for its effect on hair growth, partly by stimulation of the human growth hormones, where B3 is a major element, as well as glycine and glutamine.

So an easy formula is B3 niacinamide 1/4 teaspoon, saturated solution of Borax and if a person has balding related to fungus overgrowth (such as candida), then sodium molybdate, 1/16 teaspoon, mixed in one tablespoon of water to apply as a lotion. The B3 niacinamide can be taken internally at 250 to 500 mg at night.

These are the essential to both hair loss reduction and hair growth and primarily B3, borax and sodium molybdate as these are often deficient in human diets in the present, and therefore work the best, not enough to get a cure, but it does in 75% of the cases in both man and woman. The hair growth will be noted by "bumps" in the scalp, and feels itchy, before these bumps come out as hair. But as to full growth well that takes awhile maybe 6 months. Not a complete cure, but I am looking for a better way.

As to other supplements you have taken, biotin can be mixed in the topical application also, that helps too. Biotin seems to be ideal for baldness caused by high blood sugar. As to DHT, the saw palmetto helps temporarily (whenever it is taken!) so it doesn't offer the cure, more permanent solution in DHT can be to take zinc. Iron I don't like generally speaking as it creates more hair loss, as it offers free radicals for the fungus to grow on.

As for B100, you have to watch for weight gain, I think it is too much taken on daily basis. I used B50 only when weakness and energy is indicated.