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Posted by Deb (Georgia)

This is my story.. About 3 months ago I started having hair loss only one spot so I went to the Dermatologist who gave me cortisone injections and said to see him back in one month. Within 2 more weeks it went from one spot to the whole right side of my head, went and had blood work my ana was 466, so I saw an internist I was also a little anemic ( iron). So the internist did some other blood work and my sjogren's antibody was 422 and so I was positive on that test as well, she said I did not have Lupus and I should see a Rhumatologist. I tried to set up an appointment with one in her same medical group and the first available appointment was 8 weeks later. I was floored because one week after the internist visit I had lost all the hair on the left side of my head. I called her to see if she could get me in any sooner with the Rhumatologist and she said she would present the case to him, but because I did not have protein in my urinalysis, it was not life threatening. She called me yesterday and said she spoke with the Rhumatologist and he wanted to put me on Plaquinil and see me in a couple of weeks and that I did have sjorgren's syndrome. I have done some research on sjogrens and I have indeed been having those symptoms for quite some time..dry eyes (eye doc said I had extremely dry eyes) and to use eye drops 3-4 times a day, but at the beginning of the summer I had some things happen before the hair loss. Everyone kept asking me if I had a sunburn on my face. (Or across my nose and cheeks -like a butterfly) I kept having rashes on my arms (like whelps) and they would move around one arm to the next and them my back and I would use cortisone cream on them. The rash is gone but some days I feel heat in my ears and then I see a slight rash across my nose and cheeks. I have been excessively tired some days. I still don't know if I have lupus or just sjogren's syndrome. How do you feel about Plaquinil? I have been reading about something called glyconutrients (8 essential sugars) for this condition..What are your thoughts? I already use some of the supplements you spoke of. I am a fitness/martial arts instructor who works out on a regular basis and 3 months ago was in very good health. I'm not sure how this all came about

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Deb, I don't like most over the counter medicines including Plaquinil since they don't cure the cause. It only treats the symptoms. I prefer to give a full try on various supplements and I have seen cures, but not with over the counter medicines. You can spend your entire life hooked on these drugs without a cure in sight. Plaquinil is used for lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis too.

It is best if you try glyconutrients, but I also recommend you also take some limu or brown seaweed, which is also very good in the treatment against lupus. I also prefer a natural form of cortisone, such as licorice extract, this is my favorite whenever I get sick. When hormonal is imbalance it is not just the cortisone that sometimes get problem but the entire adrenal hormones, including the DHEA. For thyroid, an armour thyroid might be a starting point too. These are not hormone replacements in my view, I used it to allow the glands to relax from its own exhaustion giving them time to recover.