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Lady Diagnosed with Mctd

Posted by Agatha (Cape Coral) on 06/05/2006

Ted, I have a mixed connective tissue disease. I'm on plaquanil, cymbalta, and synthroid for a hypo condition. In reading all your information, it is overwhelming.. I take a juice called mangosteen, it has helped me with my fatigue;however the pains in my joints and muscles are on the rise again.., a flare up. I have been miss diagnosed for years, 10 to 12. About a year ago I was diagnosed with MCTD. Within a short time I lost my job due to the fatique, soreness, irratiablity, consentation lost etc. I truly think of Lupus, unfortunately, they name it MCTD. It's all the same autoimmune. Please help to simplify the vitamins, and amounts to take, and are the available in health food stores in Florida. I love life and have a very healthy attitude to adversities in life..just another road to cross..I'ld like to cross this road and pass my experience and knowledge of the joys of life on to others. I feel it's important to guide others in life and show them that it is the greatest passage one can take. To continue your help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Agatha

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Agatha: Most allergies and inflammation is a serious issue if it not just attacks the skin, but your internal organs such as kidneys, liver, heart or brain. So the fastest way to deal with the flare ups is to take aspirin and vitamin B complex, plus an extra dose of thiamine, vitamin B1. This should reduce most of the flare ups. Most inflammation issue due to immune problem can be a number of souces so taking extra boron, glucosamine sulfate, silicon, vitamin C for example will provide an extra boost.

however the pains in my joints and muscles are on the rise again..

One common way to deal with the pain quite quickly within a couple of days, if it is non-arthritis, is to take magnesium. Take the more bioavailable form, or soluble form such as magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate or even magnesium ascorbate. Usually 250 mg for me will do fine and most will disappear. We cannot assume anything, so taking it will prove whether you have a deficiency or not without the need for analysis since the treatment is the diagnosis itself since treatment is safe.

Within a short time I lost my job due to the fatigue, soreness, irritability, concentration lost, etc.

Some of the concentration problems should return just taking common vitamin supplements, especially N Acetyl Cysteine, and other amino acid supplements. Get a protein drink should help restore most of it. Usually vegetarians will have the problem of protein issue from concentration. Reducing any high glycemic foods, such as sugar, pastries, cookies, will help. It is important to realize that vaccination destroys concentration since aluminum and mercury levels in the blood can even exceed over one hundred times higher than even what environmental or EPA even allows it. So taking some oral edta supplements will reduce that. If you have a full-blow lupus, just follow up my previous postings for complete information. I am just covering additional information you need concerning the other issues you are experiencing.

Note that if lupus is mycoplasma caused, taking H2O2 3% food grade, between 3-6% should restore this. Many people I know experiences fog brain and this can be helped quite immediately, within 30 -1 hour the foggy brain issue. Furthermore, taking vitamin B complex, lecithin, and high protein supplements - NO SUGAR, NO ASPARTAME, NO ARTIFICIAL SUGAR, should help deal with the longer term issues over a period of 1-3 months, where you should be near normal by 3rd or 4th month. A quick relief is often seen as no sugar, fried food, and just take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda before you sleep. You should feel better the next day. If not or just in case, you can add a small amount of potassium (from sports drink) if needed be.