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Pregnant with Lupus

Posted by JT on 04/10/2008

I have lupus with weak positive ANA. I had contacted you regarding the same last year and had been on the supplement regime that you had advised. Now I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I had stopped taking the supplement regime for lupus as I wasn't sure if all that was safe for the baby. Please advice me what precautions do I need to take for the well being of me and the baby. Currently I am taking prenatal vitamins and DHA supplement. Please let me know what additional supplements I can take which are safe for the baby. You early response is highly appreciated as I am really worried about the pregnancy because of my lupus.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Generally, a pregnant woman often take pre-natal vitamin and mineral supplements, alkalizing remedies such as baking soda, and a much smaller amount of boron, such as 1/16 teaspoon mixed in one liter of drinking water once a week, which is about the same amount of boron in some drinking spring water of the same amount. Magnesium is still important and usually a low dose of 250 mg is needed to prevent a deficiency and certain diets should be avoided against yeast and fungus infection since lupus seemed be initiated by fungus and certain foods that causes this caused a flare up. These include avoiding sugar, fructose (found in fruits) and vitamin C can be used instead, and glucose is not helpful. Mushroom, cheese, tomatoes, and steaks, wheat, white bread causes a flare up in lupus and are generally avoided because the seem to support fungus growth. One essential mineral I have found that might have some' anti lupus effect is a supplement that have some molybdenum which are available often in mcg amount, which is relatively a very low dose, that will prevent fungus toxins from attacking the body by means of autoimmunity. The mcg dose of molybdenum (usually sodium molybdate), is done to prevent a deficiency, which is relatively free of side effects, but at the same time reduces lupus toxins too.