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Can I Take Ted's Lupus Remedies While on Rituxan for Lupus?

Posted by Charisma (Chicago, Il) on 05/05/2015

Hi Ted, I'd like to know your opinion as it relates to Rituxan and Lupus. I've been diagnosed with RA at age 13 and in 2013 I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. My fingers are deformed, I have flare ups constantly and most recently my patellar tendons snapped on both legs due to deterioration from prolonged use of prednisones. I'm 33yrs old and desperately looking for a cure to this disease. Can I begin to try the holistic remedies (borax, acv, coriander) although I'm receiving the Rituxan infusion? This is something I get once a year but I also take plaquenile daily. Since the accident with my knees, I've been weened off of prednisones completely but now experience chest pains. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Replied by Anon

You might like to read page 77 in the book, A Mouth full of poison by Dr. Myron Wentz, describing lupus and RA together as side effects of low glutathione(GSH) reserves due to too much mercury from dental fillings and immunizations, draining the GSH reserves from the body while detoxing the body of heavy metals.Once the GSH is low the symptoms begin.

Replied by Charisma_lupussle
Chicago, Il

Hi Anon, thanks for ur response. So if my GSH reserves are low, how can this be repaired? also, my body rejected the Rituxan infusion so I cannot get it. During the procedure I broke out in hives and my eyes & throat swelled up. I want to try the borax regimen but I'm afraid the chemicals will harm me. I'd really like a naturel remedy to make this go away!