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Question About Intestinal Cleanse

Posted by Kate (Palo Alto, CA) on 06/15/2006

Hi, I'm rather amazed by your advice. I was diagnosed with mild lupus when I was 17 years old. I am 22 now. I have been on 200mg of plaquenil since then. I'm not even sure exactly what it's doing anymore. I think it did help my symptoms. Originally, the doctors thought that I had Sjogren's disease because I had over 36 cavities and 3 root canals. However, after some speculation they pinned me with the lupus label. I'm currently addressing a low thyroid with medication as well. I assume this is another symptom of gluten intake and disruption of the system. I'm amazed at the amount of articles in the general medical community addressing the connection between lupus and gluten. Maybe they're coming around to it very slowly. Maybe... I've also suffered for years with a form of bulemia as well. It's as easy for me to vomit as it is to swallow; food comes up on its own. I can essentially vomit at will. What I didn't realize was the reason this was possible was because of food allergies. I had become allergic to nearly everything. On a diet of only meat and vegetables (particular ones I'm not allergic to) I am incapable of vomiting. On my own I started cutting out foods and testing which ones made me sick (paying close attention to headaches, heart palpatations, stomach upset). Nearly everything affects me except for the foods that are on your list. Recently, I decided to get tested for celiac disease and am still waiting for the results. I do think there is a tremendous connection between the intestines and this disease. This is what I was researching online when I stumbled on this site.

My question is as follows: I would like to do an intestinal cleanse--a fast of about three days. I think it would help clean out my system and give me a fresh start. It's called a Master Cleanse (you can read up on it online). The drink that is recommended for the three days is a concoction of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Combined with a laxative tea it is supposed to flush out the whole system. Is this a bad idea? Do you have any thoughts? I'm sure I will have plenty more questions for you. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Kate: Your condition of Anorexia Nervosa/ Bulimia could actually be cured by doing the following things in steps:

1. Completely avoid milk and replace this with fresh fruits. Gorillas have bulimia too, and they managed to stop this in zoos by stopping feeding them with milk.

2. Get an injection shot of vitamin B12 FIRST.

3. Take plenty folic acid. In private circles this is actuall used as a cure for Bulimia.

4. Taking some vitamin K might help. Usually K2 vitamin is better.

5. Take molybdenum supplements on an empty stomach.

6. If all goes well, take vitamin B complex!

7. Do the detoxification, but NOT MASTER detox. I have a detox plan, especially for bulimia, read on. You might laugh at the molybdenum suggestion, but I have found that certain bulimics sometimes have a lot of cavities. Usually a lot of cavities is a sign of molybdenum deficiency. Molybdenum is poorly absorbed and it can only get through your system if you just take this alone on an empty stomach. Usually sodium molybdate is an ideal form if you can find it. If you can get a molybdenum supplements, ground them to a powder and take them. This is why I postulate that bulimia have this deficiency, it is difficult to absorb into your system. A wild card to restore your body's response is to add MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) it will restore cellular meltdown by increasing cellular exhange of nutrients and removal of toxins quite quickly. You SHOULD notice an improvement in your condition within a week. Again, you STILL need to avoid gluten, nevertheless.

As to your suggestion for Master detox, you are compounding your problem. Don't try this. What you need to detox is to remove chemicals rather than go on a hunger strike which just compound the problem.

Your body needs to supplement indole 3 carbinol and try Creatine monohydrate. These two should remove the last remaining chemicals that is causing your conditions.

Oh one last thing, men don't get bulimia because testosterone neutralizes certain pseudoestrogens. Women usually lack this and pseudoestrogens just overtake their system. This is why indole 3 carbinol should neutralize whatever dioxin TCDD or pseudoestrogen you have.

The other thing I suspect is the formaldehydes and related chemicals which destroys nervous system, causing this condition. So what you need to do is just take creatine monohydrate. Again, if my recommendation is not working for you complain! It is just my personal observation and I don't have much to go on when you compare with the like s of those scientist who have all the diagnostic equipment on their fingertips!