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Do You Recommend People Stop Medication Before Using Natural Treatment

Posted by Lu (Hesperia, CA) on 06/22/2006

I have been diagnosed with lupus for 3 years now. I have been on many medications and tried the gluten free diet. I was on the diet for about 7 months and ended up in the hospital because my lupus turned from attacking my joints to attacking my muscles. I was then diagnosed with polymyositis with arthritis, my muscles broke down and I could barely walk or raise my arms. In the hospital they started me on a mega dose of Prednisone and I slowly recovered over this past year and a half. I am now off prednisone but take 15mgs of methotrexate each week. (I call it my poisen) It seems to be working ok for now but I would rather use a natural method. Do you recommend for people to stop medication before using natural treatments first? Or can they use vitamin therapies and natural treatments and stay on their medications? I will admit I am a bit of a sceptic because my last try at a natural cure ended up with me hospitalized.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Lu: The secret to success is to try different kinds of natural therapies on different weeks and see which ones work best for you while you are still on your medications. Then once you found what works for you best, should you try begin SLOWLY reducing your dosages of the other medications.

This is at least how I did it over two decades ago and I only take these medication at least once every 5 years. The reason I used it once every 5 years (about) is that sometimes natural therapies may not work every time.