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Lupus or Thyroid Related Problems

Posted by Adrian on 06/14/2006

Hi Ted, The following link describes the problems i've been having for the last 5 years...


I don't know for sure, but my gut feeling is these problems may be Lupus and/or thyroid related. Just recently I have been supplementing with: MSM 6000mg per day Complete Vitamin B complex DGL Chewable Liquorice 2280mg daily Mastic Gum 1000mg daily before bed (I started taking the DGL and Mastic Gum as I read that a bacteria known as H. Ployri was a possible cause for Urticaria) I have been taking the MSM very recently, all the other things I have been taking for 4 weeks. I have only just noticed a difference in my skin. My bloody vessels are not as inflamed, skin is smoother and my face looks alot clearer & moisturised! I have only been on the MSM for 3 days but noticed this massive improvement! So I shall continue what I am doing.

What do you make of this? Does this point the finger at Lupus being the culprit of all my problems?! Can I start adding other supplements to further my healing? My dream is for the Urticaria to clear up so I can start playing sports again! I havn't done for over 5 years now and it has made me very depressed. BTW I started taking the MSM just in the off chance it may help me, i'm so glad it has and only today I found the Earth Clinic page which has some very encouraging ideas! I'm very keen to know your views on this? and any possible guidance you can give me. Thanks,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Adrian, Your conditions appears to be lupus. Urticaria is a milder form, the most severe form can resemble something like ebola, and believe me I have seen it! I cannot stress the importance of MSM and DMSO as being so important as water, salt and air! You might be astonished as to why it so important. For one thing most of the vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, minerals, even when they ARE ALREADY IN THE BLOODSTREAM, simply can't make it to the inside of the cells because they are either too hydrophilic, or too hydrophobic, or even that the cells are blocked off due to circulation problem. Whenever you take MSM, for example it causes any nutrients in your body to be bioavailable. At the same time it also removes efficiently many toxins removed from the body. This also includes dangerous heavy metals.

A nice standby to MSM, is the fat emulsifier, granulated lecithin, which makes a nice complement to allow the body to remove toxins, and put in nutrients inside the cells much easier. Alternative medicine should concentrate on this aspect as it is forms the foundations of bioavailability for all nutrients that your cells need. Because of such importance, whenever I mix ANY supplements, including amino acids, that I MUST ALWAYS add DMSO or MSM to it to allow it to reach the target cells. And from time to time, I must also take granulated lecithin.

In chemistry or in medicine, they tend to make it very complicated doing the same thing I am doing by converting for example, L-Cysteine into N-Acetyl-Cysteine, because most amino acids tend to be hydrophobic. N-Acetyl Cysteine is hydrophilic. In fact you don't need to change molecules, you merely add MSM and lecithin to any nutrients and it should get right inside the cells. For your lupus to improve, it ONLY takes 3 days to notice an improvement, if you are doing the right thing! You don't have to wait for weeks or months! There is one additional supplements which should further restore your condition by taking L-carnosine. This little known amino acid also helps remove a lot of toxins also, just like MSM and DMSO. Handling thyroid issue directly is a difficult one, but taking amino acids that helps regulate rebuilding of the entire body's is a more practial way by way of the use of secretagogues. These secretagogues increases your body human growth hormone naturally through the use of L-Glutamine (2 grams) and L-Glycine (approx 2 grams also). The niacin you have to be careful, but it also works, just that its main problem is skin flushing and itchy skin. Most of which can easily be aleviated with taking aspirin 20-30 minutes before taking 200 mg of niacin. Research has shown 2 grams of L-glutamine, raises your body's human growth hormone by about 400% within approximately 4 hours. Provided that you do not eat high fat diets or food during that period. It works best when you take these before you sleep, because it is your own circadium rhythm which tends to be influenced by producing growth hormone while you are in a deep sleep. I suspect melatonin will by synergistic on your immune system, but the ideal dose should be about 0.5 mg, as opposed to 2.5 or 3 mg the sell in the market. Licorice extract you mentioned is interesting, because whenever you are sick for so long, you have adrenal exhaustion. Licorice extract is cortisone like and works like an adaptogen (allowing the body) to reach equilibrium. The other thing that will help with the body's adrenal exhaustion is DHEA. Echinacea taken regularly should help restore your body immune system somewhat, so consider that also. A scientist found that giving lifelong echinacea to rats actually extended their lifespan over the controls, even if the control rat were always healthy!

Can I start adding other supplements to further my healing? My dream is for the Urticaria to clear up so I can start playing sports again!

Yes, you are encouraged to add each supplements one by one until your conditions is healthy enough to begin sports. I suspect that L-Carnosine is another powerful substance right next to MSM and DMSO that should help relieve your skin condition of urticaria. Adding citric acid+ baking soda 1/4 teaspoon each to 1/2 glass of water, twice a day on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once before going to bed is important. It is anti inflammatory, and at the same time chelates out free radical metals out of your body.