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Heartbeat Weak and Irregular

Posted by A on 12/24/2007

Dear Ted, my wife is the youngest of 6 sisters. 4 have died of Lupus,-- from ages 34 to 40. One sister is now 52 years and is fine. My wife had her first bout of Lupus in 2004,when she was 42 years old. Then she had Low Platelets. She was prescribed the fol. med Deltacortil Plaquenil Danazol After about four months she was back to near normal. She developed a lot of weakness in the legs. The doctors said it is drug induced myopathy and would go away once she leaves the medicines. She has bean on a maintenance dose of Danazol 200mg daily and Plaquinel 200mg daily till July 2007, when she had a re-lapse. This time in July 2007 it was Mild Low Platelets and Albumin in Urine (Nephrotic Syndrome) She was started on the fol meds;- Deltacortil 70mg/day -----For the last 20 days, after gradual reduction it is 5mg/daily Plaquenil 200X2/daily Danazol 200mgx2/daily CellCept 500mgx 2+0+1 Neodipar 500mg 0+1+1 Amaryl 2mg 2+0+0 Tritace 5mg 1+0+0 Inderal 10mg 1+0+1 Zantac 1+0+1 This time again she had severe weakness in both legs, and it started about 15 days of starting the medicines. It is a little better now but she cant walk without support, cant climb stairs etc. Her heart beat becomes fast (80 to 104) even if she is resting, mostly in the mornings and at night. Since a few days she is complaining of weakness in the knees. Has lost a lot of hair----started with the first bout. Ted, can u make out something of this? I dont like to give the above meds but there is no way out. Please help. God be with you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Meh: Thank you for reminding me.

The general problems of weakness and heart beat appears to be an electrolyte imbalance. The lupus remedy is clearly mentioned in many of my postings. And the common treatment of remedy was to at least take prednisolone with a slow wean off while other seemed to worsen.

In one case of a lupus, the first day began with the remedy began with just taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day, plus vitamin B50 taken twice a day and Magnesium Citrate 500 mg plus, 250 mg of potassium citrate taken AFTER the baking soda remedy, or 1/4 teaspoon of potassium can be added along with the baking soda remedy.

The condition of one case he did continue with the conventional medication, but he only took just the plaquenil, only in that case the dosage was halved. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate of about 1000 mg was taken in 5 days out of a week, were to treat the leg weakness, but vitamin E were taken too 400 at 400 i.u. Leg improvement were reported after the second week mostly from the vitamin C and vitamin E.

Irregular heart beat can be corrected in some cases from electrolyte imbalance by using 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water taken in the afternoon or other time would be o.k.

The second day the person felt much better, more energy but the lupus or the nanoinsect were still there causing pus and damaging the organs. Apparently the nanoinsect eat the organs up, if not treated soon leads to death. Therefore, on the second day was the day to kill these, using the 1/4 (men's dose) or 1/8 (woman's dose) of borax in 1/4 teaspoon and hydrogen peroxide 3% is added to about 10 drops in one liter of water taken for about 5 days out of a week. This was to be continued always.

On the third day, the vitamin E can be discontinued, a zinc gluconate was taken 50 mg for only 2-3 days out of a week for about 4 weeks. However it was the chlorella supplement that needed to be taken every two days to remove the free heavy metals that was fueling the condition.

The baking soda and potassium citrate was to be continued for 5 days out of a week, using the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water that must be taken throughout.

On the third day the person reported to me large improvement and with continuing improvement mostly from the baking soda and borax.

After a period of about 3 or 4 months, he reported almost completely normal, but apparently all the conditions of lupus were cured with the addition of an unknown herbal remedy he took.

In this case I mentioned, he only used medrol and prednisolone, but at a reduced dose.