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Discoid Lupus

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Posted by R on 02/07/2008

Ted, I have attached some before pictures. I haven't yet started the daily regimen but will start tomorrow. I will keep you posted and send pictures when I improve. Thank you so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Thank you, it takes about 3-4 weeks to notice improvement. It's a gradual process but you should notice some minor improvement on the first week. The old remedy is o.k. as it is, but I try to improve them, with some of my own observations too.

In case you wondered what is the newer remedy and its rationale, I have refined the remedy somewhat to include sodium citrate (which is a mixture of baking soda and citric acid at 2: 1 ratio or 4:1 ratio), or the use of sodium carbonate mixed with sodium bicarbonate as a more effective methods of alkalization. The reason is the formation of carbon dioxide is minimized using citrate or carbonates. It works like this, when citrate encounters a carbon dioxide or acid, its convert to bicarbonates, before it gives up carbon dioxide. For the sodium carbonate form, it meets carbon dioxide to form sodium bicarbonate, then it generates carbon dioxide when it encounters more acid. Hence citrate and carbonates are more powerful buffers to acidosis and maybe useful in the long run.

So if we have a baking soda already assuming we used 1/2 teaspoon, then 1/8 teaspoon is sodium carbonate, or another citric acid 1/8 teaspoon can be used too in 1 glass of water. This one still needs some work, but I believe it is more effective from recent research into carbicarb in resolving metabolic acidosis, which has a tendency to cause suppressed immune system, but a metabolic acidosis can also aggravate a lupus just the same.

Still borax is always used, but I have made some changes in the alkalizing issue. A d-mannose and/or xylitol should also be considered as are other things as per previous remedies.

I hope some of these information are helpful for you, if not please inquire.

Replied by Marie
Houston, Tx

Hi Ted. I am hoping you can help me out please. I've been suffering from extreme photosensitivity, mainly on my face for over 10 years. I can't be in any type of light for more than 30 minutes without burning but I do not get a sunburn, my face just has a burning feeling, swells up and hurts. I'm pretty much disabled at work because of it. I'm desperate for help as I don't want to lose my job,

I thought maybe it was Discoid Lupus as a few years before the photosensitivity started I developed a lupus like rash on my torso and back. I scoured the net looking for the rash all the discord pix looked just like mine.

My sensitivity is mainly on my face. I've been tested for antibodies but the doctor said I had to have an active lesion in order to test positive for discoid. My lesions left and never came back. from time to time I get tiny one's on my arm but they always disappear. So I'm not sure if it's truly lupus or if these two things are even connected.

I also have really bad pigmentation on my face, probably because my face always feels like I'm burning when exposed to light I'm sure it's causing damage - I do wear a mineral makeup with titanium dioxide that helps a little bit.

However, I can't use any type of lotion, - the worst offenders are vitamin e, olive oil, coconut, emu, any type of natural oil makes me burn even more in the light - even vaseline.

I've been to several doctors explaining my problem, nobody seems to know what I have.

Can one have discoid lupus but still test negative for antibodies? I don't know what else it could be.

Does drinking baking soda alone help? What about combining that with a Bentonite clay facial mask.

Thank you immensely for any guidance you may have for me!