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Questions About Bloodroot for Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Posted by Palomino2 (Thamesville, Ontario, Canada) on 06/12/2010

Hi Ted,

I honour you for the selfless work you do for so many.

My partner was diagnosed with now stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis in the spine, shoulderblades and ribcage. He has a 4-4.5 cm mass inside his left lung and I would like to know if bloodroot can be nebulized to reach it and if so, in what concentration, or just drinking the straight drops in water, which is what we started doing today. We are presently in Switzerland doing the Simoncini intravenous sodium bicarbonate treatment and the bloodroot that I have states on the label that it is a mother tincture, 30 ml. drops, TVA 2,10% (don't know what that means)so I want to make sure that we have the right stuff. Impossible to find azoxystrobin or BHT here but I have e-mailed family members who were able to find them in Canada where we live so we will have them on our return. My partner will be receiving intravanous EDTA in a couple of days to prepare for the return trip. Today, he also started HCl (5 drops in water, 2 X/day) as he does not want to eat. I gave him clove oil (5 drops in water) as well as he is in constant pain. He is also on the med Dilaudid 2 mg. every 6 hrs. but that doesn't seem to help much. Is it compatible with the clove oil? The other supplements he's on is:

Potassium chloride 600 mg. 2 X day
Detox-Chelator 2 X day
Magnesium 400 mg. 2 X day
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg. 2 X day
Coenzyme Q10 30 mg. 2 X day

You mention Omega 3 also, how much of that does he need?

He is also nebulizing sodium bicarbonate 1 X day and doing coffee enemas 3-4 X week. Is there anything else we should be doing? Please guide us in making any necessary changes to make this protocol as efficient as possible. If anyone is interested in the Simoncini protocol in Ontario, Canada, please know that there are now several naturopathic doctors in the Toronto area that do it so you don't have to go through the expense of travelling overseas. I found out by calling the Ontario Naturopathic Association and they gave me 3 names of doctors who do this. They will not however, put in the irrigation catheter, strictly IV. Hope this is of help to someone... Many, many thanks for your wisdom and generous spirit, Ted. Namaste

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For lung cancer, I believe the best remedy that was tested on lung cancer is the lysine and threonine, and the methylene blue. In stage IV cancer, the use of alkaline substance, in the bloodstream may be counter productive, they tend to accelerate cancer cachexia, the inability to digest the food, if taken orally. The toxic blood from cancer comes mostly from the excessive lactic acid, or lactate if they are reacted with bicarbonates. The reduction of lactic acid to reduce burden on liver to reconvert may prevent liver from working causing the cancer cachexia. Hydrochloric acid is taken to bypass this. Two critical remedies in cancer, is likely to be tannic acid, perhaps some sorbitol to prevent constipation, and the amino acid lysine, especially. Lysine is taken hourly at 1000 mg with the HCl drops mixed together for about 4 doses.Vitamin B complex, preferably B6 in there must be in form of pyridoxin hydrochloride, will correct the liver issues and reduce the cachexia. THe condition is due to inability to digest protein as stomach acid is lacking. The tannic acid is taken at 1/8 teaspoon per 1 glass of water with some sorbitol say 1/8 teaspoon too at twice or three times a day. Importantly lysine is taken 4 doses at hourly doses at least, but I much prefer 6 doses hourly if possible, but issues of cachexia may prevent them from taking them, unless sufficient HCl was taken for the first two or three days, with methylene blue 0.1% hourly dose 2 drops only during the day time before 3 p.m., this will give the energy. THe lysine if it can be taken will help sleep and relaxation, but may bring about some fever as the body's immune system is able to mount defense against the cancer, and ibuprofen may needed to be taken whenever there is some fever or low grade fever. As for using bloodroot to spray into the lungs, I would try a 50% mixed with water, and use fine spray, for a couple of times each dose and 4 or 5 times a day. I generally don't like EDTA, as IV form tend to add calcium and promote blood clot and is counter productive. The most important remedy in cancer therapy I believe is to completely avoid all sugar and fructose, coming from milk, fruit juices and other products. They tend to promote cancer growth quickly especially the immune system destroying radiation to the chest area.

The use of baking soda in killing off cancer still is very limited in results as they get neutralized to easily. I tend to use a sodium/potassium carbonate, or the trisodium citrate and tripotassium citrate, and that's only if the person do not have cachexia, so HCl is the prime remedy. The tannic acid denatures the cancer so that the white blood cells can see the cancer cells, while lysine supplies the raw materials needed to defend against cancer, and most cancer, especially metastatic kind and those that spread quickly are generally non fungus in nature and tend to respond much better using the lysine at 6 hourly doses, plus the use of bromelain to digest the fibrin in the cancer. I used a 20% bromelain 6500 GDU, in 80% glycine at 1 teaspoon three to four times a day to slowly digest the cancer tumor, slow but sure, and won't kill you with the toxicosis. To further help appetite, the use of digestive enzymes also help in later stage after HCl has worked, to help digest the protein. HCl is needed to convert pepsinogen to pepsin to digest the protein. Without sufficient amount, the body will digest it's own protein from muscles and you get atrophy from the cachexia, is very similar to kwashiorkor, and hence the treatment are the same, but due to different approach. Starving african's don't have the protein, while a cancer cachexia's liver isnt working and prevent stomach from digesting the protein. In both condition you have a protein deficenty and may help with amino acid supplements, but not the protein as it requires less energy to digest amino acid, but again only after HCl is taken and digestion is restored, then I would go for vitamin B50 and amino acid supplements with possible emphasis on alpha lipoic acid with l carnitine, or perhaps acetyl l carnitine which detoxes the liver. In my remedy I don't use coffee enemas since HCl alone will normalize the digestion anyway. I even have a stage IV cancer and she found she don't need the coffee enemas and just the HCl actually worked better.

The alkalizing remedy if can be handled can only be taken only after meals, but never before, and only if cancer cachexia is controlled with HCl and vitamin B complex. The liver issue is effected, regardless of what kind of cancer. The pain causing lactic acid is quite toxic to the cells, especially the liver, and hence yogurt is strongly contraindicated.

I also don't use any form of EDTA IV as these are usually in calcium form. What I did found is if I added Magnesium chloride to the HCL, this generally works better. A Magnesium chloride solution 70% is added at 20 drops per dose. Magnesium tends to reduce cachexia symptoms by normalzing electrolytes and is antagonist to the calcium, hence I can't use calcium EDTA, I only use tetrasodium EDTA, and that's only orally and when blood clotting or flow is restricted. The calcium EDTA is likely to worsen cancer.

As calcium promotes blood clotting, something that seems to help cancer to spread and cause more pain by restriction of circulation.