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Natural Remedies for Lupus

Posted by Shabnam (Canada) on 06/06/2006

Dear Ted, I was reading something on the internet and your experience with lupus treatments. Please tell me , are you a doctor or a chemist? You have such good knowledge of lupus patients and their treatment. I have had lupus for six and half years, after my son was born. I am now 36 years old. I am now on plaquenil and arthrotec for my arthritis and lupus. I also have high cholestrol and high b.p now controlled and on treatment. I would like to get off half of these medicines and try the natural way out. Please help me by kindly sending me your suggestions. Occasionally I do get athritis but I have no noticeable symptoms but my blood work seems to be high. I will be grateful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have not much information to go on you except of course you have high cholesterol (high b.p is obvious) and that you an Indian living in Canada I presume. If I am wrong please forgive me. On the basis of my understanding of the Indian diets and how it effects your lupus there is certain specific recommendations that I can recommend that is different from most other people that your body needs more than most other people around you:

1. You need far more vitamin D. Take plenty of cod liver oil if you have trouble getting those 20,000 I.U. vitamin D kinds. Asians living in countries lacking in sun is a big problem and vitamin D is seen to cause immune issues, thereby causing lupus. Just take a tablespoon or two of cod liver a day plus fish oil.

2. Most indians generally won't consume beef, so certain dietary changes and supplementation from soy product rich in proteins is needed. Try find a good source of bioavailable source of rich protein supplement foods, especially L-Carnosine and L-Carnitine which is an important source to restore the immunity.

3. Vitamin Complex and especially taking vitamin B12 is the basis since Indian diets and Asian diets whose diets are usually lacking.

4. Most Asians do have lactose intolerance, and the avoiding of lactic acid rich foods, so try to avoid milk for all practical purposes. Whey protein is the preferred choice and I do take Whey protein quite regularly.

5. Take lecithin granulated along with your foods regularly and also some phosphatidylserine as well. These things will emulsify the fats and help maintain your blood sugar and lower blood pressure over the long run. Usually high blood pressure is often linked to high carbohydrate rich foods and high glycemic foods. This is confirmed information as to why Indian population get fat quickly (mostly woman) usually from low protein diets, high carbohydrates, and a common vitamin D which is quite prevalent amongst Indian woman population. Higher protein diets can be found especially from eating more fish, more whey protein as a recommended protein source. Just go to bodybuilder's nutrition they have a complete selection there. 6. Adrenal exhaustion seems to be common amongst lupus, but this maybe more prevalent in Asian population. So taking DHEA helps. The preferred dose I generally recommend will be on a low side of 12.5 mg/day. Which is usually 1/2 of most DHEA supplements they sell in the market. If you just follow these six issues that is unique to Asian diets, plus those listed needed to treat your lupus condition, you should see some improvement within a matter of days. I must stress again that carbohydrate foods, flour, rice, overcooking, should especially be avoided. Western countries are very different from Asian countries in that common toxins in these countries is high in heavy metals as the Canadian health authorities recently found out in the food they eat. However, the Canadian health authorities fail to explain the high pseudoestrogens and some dioxins in their food. These toxins can be neutralized by just eating, partially cooked brocolli or taking indole 3 carbinol. I must stress again that you should try to avoid as best as possible of overcooking foods of vegetables and meat products. Raw vegetables, higher fish diets, low glycemic diet will really help your recovery. These are the foundation you need to begin your treatment against lupus before directly treating the lupus itself as mentioned. Vegetable oils is not to be use especially stay away from fried foods and microwave foods.

If you do cooking cook only in coconut oil (NEVER hydrogenated vegetable oils) or just simple LARD is most safest to avoid trans-fatty acid common in margarine, cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. Again, I am making certain assumptions here that about your habits that, if I am wrong, about this, please ignore my statements