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Borax and Lupus

Posted by B on 05/22/2007

Hi Ted, I read your recommendations regarding lupus with much interest. My cousin recently died of lupus and I have been experiencing many of the lupus systems for quite a few years now. However, I have been diligent in taking my supplements and most of them correspond to your list of recommendations. I think this might have saved my life thus far. However, lately I am constantly sick, with severe allergies, aching all over and now my muscles, especially in my legs, seem affected, also my heart and lungs. I also have sharp, stabbing pains intermittently in my head. The joint pains are almost gone since taking the baking soda and MSM. I would dearly love to kill off the bugs causing this, but I am SO AFRAID to take the borax, and this seems crucial. We were taught that borax is highly poisonous and should never be ingested. I researched the internet extensively, and all I can come up with is POISONOUS. Please advise me and set my mind at rest regarding this, as I would like to add the borax to my regimen, as you stated that this is very important. I know you are very busy, but I'm sure other sufferers might also have this question, so please reply asap. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and the willingness to share with us. May you be richly rewarded. Many thanks,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Water is also poisonous if taken in large amounts: one woman drank 5 glass of water in a radio program, if I remember correctly and died a couple of hours later.

And if you read some supplements, of mineral and vitamins lately they use "sodium tetraborate" or another word for it is borax. I was brainwashed just like everyone else, but fortunately I was trained as a biochemist and found that the body needs them in small amount and boron or lack of a better name, borax, is crucial to a lupus recovery.

There is currently no reported deaths from borax use, although there is plenty of deaths from lupus, more than I care to remember, including my own friend who believed in the best of conventional medicine (she was rich and believed money can buy everything). The lupus dissolved her entire reproductive system into a bucket jelly blood when she went to the bathroom, and died shortly afterward.

Whether borax is safe or not appears to be the dosage. Let's see, flouride is at least ten times more toxic than borax, but yet many people use it everyday in toothpaste. How can you explain that? Its toxicity is a bit less toxic than cyanide, and arsenic toxicity is close to flouride. Not only is fluoride NOT an essential mineral, but yet boron or borax IS an essential mineral. Take for instance drinking water in Israel, is several milligrams per liter of water. Most fruits are about 1 mg/liter of borax.

The issue is the toxic dose of Borax is between oral rat LD50 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. The salt (sodium chloride) toxicity is 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. LD 50 by the way is the amount of dose necessary to get a 50% chance of a rat dying on a per weight basis of the animal.

I am not going to push you to try anything including borax or your decision to do anything. But you must come to realize a point in time where your logic rules, not what is been taught but what you think works for you.

It must be understood that the "system" doesn't like to see you cured, suffering is a lot more profitable to both drug system and "the system" and it only pleases the "system" that population control, which is the primary goal of today's system be enforced, stealthly.

I can never go directly against them, they are just too powerful. And yes, I get hassled, threatened more than I care to remember, but I am doing the best I can to get the information out as gently as I can imagine without ruffling too many feathers. The best I can say "this is this" and "that is that", but if I go any further, I get into trouble too.

All I can say is in my own experience getting alkaline enough and even a small amount of borax has the similar toxicity to salt in terms of LD50 and remains the key to getting lupus recovery. Those who do get cured, don't post them directly they also fear because of so much "publicity against" borax use.

The ONLY published death against borax use is NOT borax. It is boric acid from accidental poisoning as the baby accidentally ate the boric acid. The baby more likely died from acidosis (from the strong acid of boric), rather than the boron, in my humble opinion. Boric acid is in fact much more toxic than borax.

You decide. So far everyone I know is benefiting, but that's just my own experience. I am out on a limb more than I care to remember when I post earthclinic. And believe me, I know a lot more than I care to post because there so much information pollution out there, including wikipedia. The war stories of me is just too overwhelming even to scratch the surface.

If in deep doubt I will always take much less say one tiny grain borax dissollved in a swimming pool of water just to make a fool of myself. Or perhaps, with little more confidence, maybe just one grain in one liter of water, which is a bit less ridiculous, then if need be maybe just 1/10 of whatever I think I used might be someday, safe. It's the same story ten years ago about hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver, during the early heydays of the internet, when remedies were first introduced. The reason why we CAN'T CURE ourself is we are simply too dependent on a system which we believed to be benign, but personally I believed to be malevolent, and once you begin to realize this then you will know that what you have been taught is either all wrong, or our own mind has been divorced from ourself.

It takes only a simple observation and some basic rules of chemistry for me to write up hundreds of remedies in earthclinic and the reason why I can do that, is simply we have been conditioned not to think, but to follow rules. Some people spent their whole lives following rules, and the world they live in looks nice, and it is tempting when you are offered the "blue pill" or the "red pill" as in the movie Matrix. Once again, you have to decide, which do you want, the blue pill or the red pill?

p.s. Try to consider taking chlorella or chlorella/spirulina supplements at least 5 days out of a week. You may have forgotten this one. However the bugs won't die if borax is not used, sorry to say.