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Discoid and Hypoglycemia

Posted by J (Rochester, NY) on 12/24/2006

Hello. I am so delighted to have found your website. Thank you for restoring my hope! I am having all sorts of problems and after going to the ER repeatedly and many doctors with varying symptoms over the last three years, I have been recently diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and hypoglycemia. I suffer with terrible hives anywhere my skin is bumped or touched. My toes are reddish/purple and these spots itch like mad while hurting intensely if they are bumped or scratched. I have intolerable fatigue and scaly brownish "lupus spots" above my mouth, in both of my ears and on one of my eye brows. I also suffer with nearly constant nasal congestion, sinus infections and allergic asthma. I have dramatic mood swings and shake all over if I am not eating every hour and a half to two hours. I am told there is nothing we can do for the lupus spots and that they will disfigure me horribly and should they begin to come on my scalp, I will eventually go bald. I am beginning to feel like a non-human. The doctors are not helping and I do not want to take their harsh medications. There has to be something I can do to feel like a human being again, to get my life back. I am praying you can suggest something to help me. Thank you for your time and any suggestions you may have.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear J: Your condition seems to be a simple fungus issue. But the way doctors look at it, looks like mountains out of mole hill.

The best way to normalize your condition using the simplest possible remedy is baking soda, sea salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C and borax.

The other supportive supplements are molybdenum, zinc, manganese and some magnesium. Chromium, selenium, tungsten, and vanadium are the other ones if you can find it, and is also helpful too.

I prefer to ignore the whole gluten issue altogether, not because gluten is not the cause, but the fact that avoiding the acid forming foods will obviously avoid at least most gluten foods out of the equation anyway! To me it appears to be all, but I can be wrong.

So just avoid completely, bread, white flour, pastries, cakes, pizza, cookies, milk, sugar, soft drinks, fried foods and oily foods.

Make sure 70% of the diet is green leafy vegetables and the rest are mostly fish, some chicken mostly and some meats taken not too often.

Considering the condition to be extreme, taking a bath or soaking your body or using a wet towel solution to apply to your skin, a saturated solution of borax.

Soaps in general often make the conditions worse, so borax WILL help. Taking baths, applying to skin, using borax will help. I don't know why these soap companies underestimate the importance of borax has on your skin!

The common remedy for this appears to be 1/2 teaspoon (if possible 1 teaspoon) of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water at least. However I prefer a lime or lemon, if you can get it, and use one whole lemon (lime is often better, but you need 2 lime to equal to one lemon which is actually better). Then add baking soda until the fizz stops. To that add water to 1/2 glass. This is to be taken for twice a day on an empty stomach once in the morning and once in the evening so the meals has to be away from lemon thing by at least 1 hour.

Adding a pinch of borax will help, but I prefer this be added after this has been taken for at least 3 days, then you can add a pinch of borax. I have often see people eating food within 5 minutes after taking this remedy and this will cause a diarrhea, which is o.k. for internal cleansing, but it does get in the way when we need to go to work. So just refrain eating the food after taking this about 1 hour and this should be o.k.

At early evening, you can consider taking 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda just once, on empty stomach also. You can take sodium ascorbate during this time also.

It is not necessary to add a pinch of borax everyday, but perhaps just 4 days out of 7 or until the conditions of your problem is no longer there, but most condition should be gone within about 2-3 weeks.

During your this period, 25 mg of zinc acetate or zinc citrate or zinc gluconate will help. Check labels carefully, since zinc sulfate have real problems causing vomiting and zinc oxide are totally useless. This is taken only 2 days out of a week once a week or until the skin begins drying, and that is time to stop. Manganese is taken only once or twice a week too at similar dose of 25 mg. and this is hardly an overdose either.

The hypoglycemia will be helped greatly by taking granulated powdered lecithin one tablespoon with every meal and some even taken on empty stomach. Granulated powdered lecithin tastes o.k. so there is no problem taken it alone. Chromium and selenium supplements should help, but selenium is 200 mcg, taken 3 days out of a week. Sodium molybdate (molybdenum) 25 mg/day taken once a week not exceeding a month is quite helpful in stabilizing sugar and pH issue also.

As to the chromium issue, there is some debate, but I think chromium nicotinate 200-500 mcg has the least problems.

Of course chromium chloride would be better, but they are much harder to find. Chromium chloride I tend to favor because they have anti-fungal properties too. Quite often drinking water might be high in heavy metals. Since there is no way to prove that during the sickness it is best to drink Reverse Osmosis water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt added with every 1 liter of water to remineralize the water. If you want immediate itching relief, quite often vinegar will work but miracles do occur with borax solution on many occasions.

These are some remedies you should see results within about two weeks and during that time it is not even needed to take them everyday. Maximum I can think of is 5 days out of 7, with possible exception of a serious disease.

One tablespoon Licorice extract per day on alternate weeks, DHEA of 25 mg. for not more than one month, and possibly some weekly iodine painting are also helpful, but not necessary, unless the other mentioned remedies don't work out as expected.

For the weakness condition, 6 drops 3% H2O2 in one glass of water should relieve some tiredness for about 2 hour, thereafter this should be taken for every one hour until the conditions are gone. The tiredness and fog brain should go away.

Antibiotics can only worsen the condition during this time and I often avoid them altogether.

You should get better within 3 weeks or faster, that is my experience.