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Posted by olive (pasadena, nl, canada) on 12/17/2007

Dear Ted, I'm 44 yrs old with Discoid Lupus , 3 mts ago. I read that I should stay away from eating red meat. Does that apply to wild game such as Moose meat? The moose eat on their natural habitat and shouldn't have any harmful chemicals. Also should I stay away from eating corn starch , a gravey thickner ? Does yeast affect my condition too ? If so , I guess I should stay away from consuming beer and breads ? White flour is harmful because it is bleached therefore if I can buy un-bleached white flour, can I eat it? What can I substitute for yeast to make bread? Is small amounts of tomatoe sauce tolerable for my condition? There is a type of Italion sausage made with tofo instead of meat that I can buy, would that be o.k to eat? I look foward to your suggestions since I don't know what I should eat anymore. I've lost about 15 pounds in 2 months. I know that this isn't helping my immune system either. Thank-you for your so valuable advice.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Olive:

Meats can be eaten, but not too often, high fats is what should be mostly avoided. Most of the problem I encountered comes from overdone or overcooked steaks high in fat.

It is the fats that is a problem. Fish are quite good and this can be taken, either boiled, in soup, or others. Chicken in generally is o.k. but an ocassional supplements of omega 3 and fish oil at least twice a week important as chicken today are grown too quickly and does not have sufficient omega 3 like the chicken we eat 40 years ago, due to industrial agricultural practices. Evening primrose oil is needed as it has Gamma Linoleic acid. once a week at least is also helpful, usually between 500-1000 mg.

Whole wheat bread or unprocessed bread, no white flour would generally be good, and brown rice is relatively safe. Most foods can be eaten, with exception of any canned, packaged and fast food. Home cook foods is safe, but you cannot use metal pots and pans, or at least avoid it, using boiled or steam is safer. Chelation therapy using chlorella helps as it remove the free heavy metals from the system.

Canned food and all packaged foods is a real problem as most of the lupus flares are initiated by pseudoestrogen coming from bisphenol A, plastic lining as the food causes the plastic lining to degrade into estrogen.

One other major flare up is the drinking water, usually tap which is high in free heavy metals, and should be avoided, especially from old pipes, despite "new development buildings". A dangerous flare up has occured on aspartame and sometimes monosodium glutamate and that can be avoided.

There is a lot that you can eat, the issue becomes the portion of food that can be eaten. A meat is 10-20% (not more), the rest are fish and vegetables, generally low fat in their natural form but not COMMERCIAL LOW fat product, which tends to add more sugar and cause the person to consume more, adding to the problem rather than reduction. Fish eaten early before a meat is eaten can trigger the brain to stop eating early as the high protein causes the body to be satiated relatively faster. The meats I prefer is chicken meat and possibly wild meat, but fish should be taken, that is relatively free from harmful heavy metals.

Most fruits can be eaten, but only whole fruits, and not too often. Vegetables, fish, unprocessed white flour, are o.k. Replace cooking oils with coconut milk. To help increase appetite and increase some energy level an ocassional vitamin B complex B50, usually taken twice or three times a week, plus some sodium ascorbate vitamin C usually 1000 mg, perhaps during the same time as vitamin B is taken. This should restore appetite, increase weight and energy level, mostly from what I suspect is B1 and B6.

In the course, the remedy that withstood the test of time is the borax, baking soda and peroxide remedy, which is 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water plus 10 drops of 3% H2O2 added. The borax remedy is just to prevent the lupus from attacking the body's organs or that the DLE won't advance to the stage of SLE. However, it is my observation that DLE for a year or more will advanced itself to joint pain and most DLE can be suppressed, enough to lead a normal life if the baking soda were taken but protection from organ damage using a small amount of borax were seen as helpful even with the skin rash improvement were clearly seen to improved after two or three weeks, or course the borax remedy I may use in 4 or 5 days out of a week with 2 or 3 day break.

The baking soda is taken 1/2 teaspoon twice a day and it is this alkalinity that can help most of the skin problem. However, avoiding too much Sun is important, some amount of Sun is still critical as it raises the body's immune system from the Vitamin D4 being produced which during summer the body can manufacture about 10,000 i.u. However too much can lead to worsening of DLE in the area where sun is exposed. The DLE has its ability to move around along the face, whenever lavender oil is applied and tries to change their location, and hence, if it is lightly applied it can avoid the face completely to other areas instead. In my opinion lavender oil 50% with some alcohol mixed seems to work the best, and perhaps a solution of borax in hydrogen peroxide 1% applied to the area, before a lubricant of vitamin E is applied can help kill the skin problem but works well if the body is sufficiently alkalized.

It should be noted that DLE flare ups occur mostly during winter and this is why vitamin D3 or D4 (or a cheaper D2) is most needed, which is around 10,000 i.u., but if not available 1000 or 2000 i.u. will do.

It should also be noted that cell death of monocytes and neutrophils and other white blood cells tend to be high in people with DLE and SLE are reduced if an unsweetened BLACK chocolates (made from 100% cocoa) or just pure 100% cocoa used for baking is eaten now and then, a favorable blood test of lupus might be noted because of the flavanoid rich chocolate, but it is somewhat synergistic with ocassional iodine mouthwash as the theobromine tends to reduce iodine and hence iodine is seen to offset some of the negative effects and the flavonoids my help kill the lupus. Supporting documents of its protective effect is reference below. The amount needed appears to be about at least 2 tablespoon or above of either black chocolate or cocoa, where I haven't quite calculate correctly the exact effective dosage yet, but I do know it is around 2 tablespoon which can be used as a starting value, and some tweaking may be necessary as my results are yet preliminary.

The same can be mentioned with possible ocassional cranberry as it is high in D-Mannose and some natural sodium benzoate or benzoic acid found there, and those quite cheaply without spending a lot money can help too. However, because of the lack of feedback on cooking unsweetened chocolate and cranberries, I can't say for certain at the moment its effectiveness, but has seen some major improvement and hopefully will update as information becomes available from my own personal sources.

As to your other questions:

If so , I guess I should stay away from consuming beer and breads ? Only white bread are ignored. The lining of beer may have estrogen bisphenol A plastic lining which further agravates lupus.

White flour is harmful because it is bleached therefore if I can buy un-bleached white flour, can I eat it?

No white flour is used, unrefined flour is better.

What can I substitute for yeast to make bread?

I might just eat rice or brown rice. It is a lot easier than to make a dough all you do is just boil it.

Is small amounts of tomatoe sauce tolerable for my condition?

Tomato sauce found in cans seem to agravate from the estrogen ones. Hence if this be taken only tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce packaged in glass bottles are safer.

There is a type of Italion sausage made with tofo instead of meat that I can buy, would that be o.k to eat?

Sausage is processed meat, and most dangerous kind. Tofu is o.k. and can replaced instead of meat, made from soybeans are a lot safer than packaged food packed in estrogen rich canned food from the plastic containers that breaks down in presence of acid and even neutral water.

If any additional questions just email me!.