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Help Needed

Posted by TK (Annapolis MD) on 06/08/2006

I have lupus. I only take plaquenil per Doctor. I get these red dots around my ankles and on my legs after sitting long, doing anything strenous or wearing the wrong kind of shoes-which is every kind . Then it swells if I don't get off my feet. It happens every day. I can't stand it anymore. Anything I can take for this? I think they call it vasculitis. The sun breaks my skin out terribly also. All the doctors do is take blood tests and my money. HELP.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Not much information to go on about on your dietary prefereences and elimination problems, but most problem skin reactions are usually due to toxin buildup in the body to such an extent that your skin reaction comes usually in the late afternoon or whenever your body's level of antioxidants (taking extra vitamin E, C will help) are unusually low from what information you give me. Often toxicity is due to heavy metal accumulation, chemical toxins, elimination problems (constipation & not drinking enough water), food toxins, mineral deficiency, protein deficiency and of course, oil imbalance (evening primrose oil & omega 3 & fish oils). It looks like a lot, but not really. So I will give you the list of things to do that should reduce most of skin problems:

Alkalize the body and chelate them. This is done simply taking 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to about 1/2 glass of water taken once in the morning on a EMPTY stomach and before bed time. If you plan to eat within 30-60 minutes, it is best not to take this in the morning and just take it only in the evening instead. Sodium citrate is the chemical byproduct from the reaction of citric acid and baking soda. What this does it it chelates out the heavy metals, buffer your body's pH, balances your body's electrolyte, and finally reduce your body's skin inflammation issues all at once.

Assuming that your skin breaks out at 3.00 p.m. That means you can take this about 2 hours before this happens on an empty stomach of course.

A modified formula, which is a more complete formula, that is an improvement over the above formula is to add a pinch of potassium citrate plus magnesium citrate, if you can find them! A good substitute for magnesium citrate if you can't find one is magnesium carbonate. The carbon dioxide liberated during the citric acid - sodium bicarbonate reaction will form a magnesium bicarbonate, which is an available form you are looking for. This newer formula should work best for you. Of course, if you just can't find ANYTHING, then I guess, baking soda will have to do. As you know there will be much more advanced formulas I have in mind, but considering obtaining all these raw materials can be quite a hassle, so I am keeping things as simple as possible.

As usual, when you have a skin problem, it is BEST to avoid artificial sweeteners, glucose, fructose (corn syrup), fried foods, all vegetable oils (except olive oil and coconut oils), microwave cooking, ANY high glycemic diets, frozen dinners, french fries, cookies, pastries, cow's milk, and other similar toxins.

Taking L-carnosine, or acetyl-l-carnosine (if you can find one!) will help a lot with your skin problems and reaction. Preferred dosage is between 100 mg -200 mg./ day. Sulfur diets, such as MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) with plenty of water will also help. The other complementary mineral whenever you take magnesium is of course, zinc. Zinc acetate and zinc gluconate is the preferred form that I never have problems with.

This very short list should help most of your skin flare ups, based on the information you gave me. Of course there may be surprises, such as your body is overloaded seriously with heavy metals. IN that case you may take 200 mg. of disodium EDTA orally. DO NOT TAKE paracetamol, it destroys your liver and the ability to detoxify your body. If you did, you may have to detox your liver from paracetamol with a good dose of N-Acetyl Cysteine. Of course the safest way to reduce this skin flare up as a complement to all the above suggestion is just to take aspirin 250 mg -500 mg./day for at least one week