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More Suggetions Needed on Natural Cure for Lupus

Posted by Shabnam on 06/08/2006

Thank you for replying back. You have guessed right. I am a young indian woman living in canada. I donot eat beef but I do eat chicken a little bit but not a whole bit. Lately I have started to use Olive oil for cooking. I am taking Vit C 500 mg and Wild Salmon and fish oils 1000mg having EPA180 mg and DHA 120 mg.I am also taking CLA 2-3 times a day ( conjugated linolenic acid) for my weight control. I am not taking any ca or Vit B supplement at all. I am taking my cholestrol and my bp medicine along with my plaquenil and my arthrotec medication. I am sick and tired of taking all of these medications. But I will do what you have mentioned. Please e-mail me back with more suggestions. I like my blood work to come to a normal level for lupus. Rest I will let you know the results. Thank you very much. Bless you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You mentioned a high bp, and needs to get blood results to normal.

Lecithin for me is very important (granulated kinds) taken everyday along with your food will stabilize your blood sugar and help lower some b.p. Taken DHEA of only 12.5 mg/day will help you reduce your weight. DHEA is synergistic if you try to take oral EDTA supplements. EDTA is somewhat anti-lupus in killing mycoplasma. So this will help.

To get your blood results to normal with lupus consider taking Indole 3 carbinol especially, this will help you restore your immune system especially the thymus. Supporting foods will be kelp and seaweed.

To get your HDL up and reduce LDL, consider eating semi cooked boiled eggs. Eggs are actually good for you but the doctor's misinformation has got people on the wrong course of health. Aspirin taken every other day, for some reason or another also with chromium supplements will help restore the blood sugar and help absorption of the chromium. Aspirin also restores liver function. Avoid paracetamol. Take silymarin (milk thistle)to further allow liver functions to normalize, and thus your blood. You can eat foods that have as much turmeric as you like as this is very helpful with your blood and liver and it protects against free radicals. Otherwise most of recommendations to lupus I post at Earth Clinic still stands. Your problem is unique on b.p., blood pressure, weight issue, and dietary foods you need to change.