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Scarcoidosis-an Autoimmune Disease

Posted by Pat on 07/14/2006

Ted, I have read the info you have given on lupus on the Earth Clinic website and have a question. My husband has sarcoidosis which is an autoimmune disease - when people don't know what it is, I usually just say it is a lot like lupus - can affect different organs... his is in the lungs and he does have fibrosis. So.. my questions is do you want to suppress the immune system or improve? I have never known if I should have him take NAC and vitamins or would that do more harm. I realize you may not be familiar with sarcoidosis but it is an immune disease. It really upsets me that all they do is prescribe predisone I wonder why there are no answers for immune problems...... Any comments you have would be appreciated. PS(his dr. is totally against any "Herbal" (that's what he calls it) help - I had asked him about some clinical trials they had with retonic acid?(vit A) and he knew nothing about it.) Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Pat: You need supplements to dissolve the fibrosis. More details will explain later in this email.

So.. my questions is do you want to suppress the immune system or improve.

You will NOT suppress the immune system. You will try to improve it. The reason why the body attacks its own cells, is NOT what it seems. It is attacking the mycoplasma. However they are so tiny that most light microscopes cannot see it. Mycoplasma have a tendency to stick to cells walls and these is what is destroying your body. Basically the myocoplasma are just digesting your cells much like Ebola is eating up your system. It has nothing to do with white cells eating up your body. The white cells are simply digesting the DESTROYED cellular tissue and it just don't have the energy simply to destroy all the mycoplasma and becomes overwhelmed.

The reason why my lupus treatment works quite often is that we raise the white cells strong enough to attack the mycoplasma directly/ or weaken it directly so that the white cells can rid of mycoplasma. We weaken them by increasing certain biological terrain NOT favorable to them, for example, such as high selenium, zinc, magnesium, fulvic acid, artemisia and sometimes sea salt!

By SUPPRESSING the immune system, you are actually ALLOWING the mycoplasma to SPREAD throughout the body while you are forcing the white blood cells to go on a holiday. This was what I learned when I was taking college level microbiology. (Don't know why doctors have such a short term memory).

There is nothing wrong with herbals as there is nothing wrong with eating cabbages or lettuce. Many herbal preparations are eaten almost everyday here in Thailand, such as chicken curry (which contains a powerful immune boosting curcumin). Should one day doctors hail the use of herbals being illegal, we can just claim we want to add them as a flavoring for our pizza.

You don't need clinical trials for retinoic acid, since we know that it is natural, safe and dosage level is not within toxic level. If they are safe to use as you eat apples, it is best to take them and see whether it works for you or not. The key is whether it is natural and the dosage level is safe. Retinoic acid may dissolve the fibrosis, but then on the other hand, carnosine might do it also. It must be remembered that carnosine and carnitine are not the same thing.

A simple way to stop further increase in fibrosis and kill the mycoplasma in the lungs is to breath sea salt mist. Make a 10% solution of sea salt and put it in a humidifier or aerosol spray and just breathe it. Of course, you can vary your concentration, but make it high enough to make it serilized - by the salt of course. So more then 10% such as 20% is a possibility.

Lower than 10% I don't recommend as it is too weak.

Yes treat your autoimmune as if it is lupus. They tend to attack different organs, depending on which organs are the weakest. This is how it works.

In fact autoimmune is a misnomer, the mycoplasma is eating the cells not the white cells. The white cells is just eating up what's left over and it is too weak to attack the mycoplasma directly. So I guess, we tend to blame the innocent bystander too quickly. This is what I learned in the lab while taking college level microbiology. For some reason or another this information are just not out their for the public.

Mycoplasma has been in existence since the dinosaur age, it is only recent that advances in medicine and toxins which is what caused lowered immunity that we actually invited mycoplasma to eat ourselves inside out by actually suppressing our own immune systems.

You might disagree with me, but I have never seen anyone cured with a suppressed immune system in autoimmune condition but I have seen people cured by strengthening the immune system, or to cause biological terrain to be VERY UNFAVORABLE to the mycoplasma. Even if you think your white blood cells are "guilty", let's assume for the moment, but assuming I increase the blood zinc, magnesium, garlic oil, selenium and hydrogen peroxide level - the first thing that get's killed is not the giant body' cells, but actually the tiny fungus mycoplasma.

If you understand this philosophy of autoimmune (misnomer!!!!) the treating is rather straightforward and then a cure suddenly becomes a possibility.