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Discoid Lupus

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Posted by O (pasadena, nl, canada) on 11/17/2007

HI ted, thank-you for your time. I wrote you yesterday but I feel that I didn't give you adequate info. to correctly acess my condition. I am 44 yrs old . I have been diagnosed with discoid lupus a month ago. It all started with blemishes on my right cheekbone area. I thought that it was just acne whick I usually got. I had been diagnosed with rasacea a few yrs back and my face would always seem red . Going back to the blemishes, when they started I was on holidays in Portugal and I guess with the over exposure to the sun , it made them worst. The blemishes or flare-up spread from the right cheek-bone area over the bridge of my nose and over the left cheek-bone area. The blemishes are very tender, pus filled but aren,t itchy. I am taking 200 mg of plaqunil, 1 tablet daily and have been taking them for 12 days. This doesn't seem to be controlling the flare-up's, in fact , it seems to have gotten worst. Before starting the plaquinil,upon waiting for the test results from the skin biopsy, the Derm. had me taking a oral antibiotic for 10 days ,applying a topical antibiotic, bactroban,twice daily and prednisone tabs for 3 wks. This seemed to have a better result but when the test results came back the Dr. said that the hair folicles in my face were being attacked by my immune system. He said the results were Discoid lupus. I don't feel any joint pain. I do occasionally have little sores behind my ears, occasional mouth sores and lip sores but my main concern is the blemishes on my face. Are there any foods that I shouldn't eat to avoid more flare-ups and what foods and vitamins can I take to help my problem. I've read that I shouldn't eat white or whole wheat bread then what type of bread can I eat. Alcoholic beverages in moderation, can I still have the 1 glass of red wine with meals? I read about the apple cider , baking soda and boric acid remedy. Would this be benificial with my problem ? I have started taking 2 seal-oil capsules a day since I don't eat much fish to get the needed omega 3 . Will this help ? should I increase the dosage? I really look foward to hearing from you as I am so imbarrased to leave the house with the condition that my face is in. God bless. Thank-you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually some people who are diagnosed lupus, either has a SLE (systematic lupus erythematosus or a DLE (discoid lupus erythematosus), that being I have seem some photos of skin of the entire cheeks being torn off and leaking with pus, steaming.

The major problems were certain dietary food, which seemed to be cheese, steaks, bacon, milk, pizza, white bread, and bad water that tastes bad, if left overnight.

The remedy was to drink a clean bottled water as that person were used to drinking from tap, which were found to be high in heavy metals. The other was taking enough of the baking soda (either that or mixed with lemon or apple cider vinegar) to get urinary pH of near 7. A urinary pH of 5-5.5 seemed to be the average pH for a person with lupus, so raising the pH seemed to do the trick to cause the skin to heal or noticed soem healing the next day.

If I shouldn't eat these foods what food s would be benificial to my condition? I read about the apple cider, baking soda and borax remedy. Would this be something that I could try?

The foods that can be eaten appears to be fishes, baked, boiled, vegetables, nuts and some fruits. Chicken can be eatened now and then, but mostly steamed or boiled chicken soup. The worse flare up were from steaks, fried foods, and sugar.

The best remedy and simplest remedy possible is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, plus 1/4 teaspoon of borax mixed in one liter of drinking water, for men. Women seemed to require 1/2 of that dose. This will result in almost near normal condition with some small red spots.

Plaquenil seemed to cause blindness in many people I correspond with and medrol with lower dose seemed to be best in containing the condition, but no plaquenil is taken.

As to whether a complete cure is possible, I have seen a couple of cases, when taking with other herbal tincture extracts. Although personally I suspect those tincture extract may come from both the alcohol and the natural insecticidal properties from the chrysanthemum or neem taken internally. There are certain shampoo that contains pyrethrins that can be used externally that may help, but this is just a guess of mind since many cases of these lupus seemed to behave and respond in some ways like an insect, or technically a nanoinsect. But I am not striving for these discovery, but more of I getting a cure of lupus, which is close at hand, if I can identify them what exact element resulted in a complete cure of lupus. It would seem that once the herbal remedy were used, no doctor's med were needed.

Generally speaking, some vitamin B complex, some vitamin C, and magnesium should help improve the condition, although the B complex I think should be generally taken just once or twice a week to generally give strength to some people who felt weak from doctor's med.

The key to improvement is an electronic pocke pH meter is needed to monitor the urinary pH to be near 7, and take just enough the the baking soda (or preferably sodium and potassium citrate) to alkaline enough for the body to heal. Borax seems to be the second important key to the condition. I am presently exploring the third key at the moment. In the meantime, heavy metals seems to worsen the condition, and hence chlorella or chlorella spirulina, if from a good source, seems to help the condition too. But it should be noted that most cooking utensils are metal. The worse seemed to be the metal, such as iron. Oil based cooking seems to sop up heavy metals from cooking utensils like a sponge, and we eat them, further worsening the condition. Even boiling tea in an aluminum container or metal container is quite dangerous. Tannins seem to uptake a lot of metals during the boiling. Hence, if tea or coffee is needed, boil them in a glass jar, never a metal container. The metals fuels the lupus. Many people who work around metals seem to be susceptible to lupus, such as housing near a shipyard, drinking tap water from an old pipes, working near metal pipes and valve, or even working for years near a heavy machinery.

Would this be benificial with my problem ?

Yes, the baking soda & borax remedy will help a lot. But it has to be taken sufficiently for the baking soda for the urine pH to be near 7, and this will help the most for the skin.

Plaquenil rarely helped the condition. Certain antibiotics seems to work well such as the ones you mentioned.

The DLE can be quite scary at time, but the reversal can be quite quick if sufficient alkalinity is done such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day. A more effective remedy seems to be one whole lime dissolved in 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water two or three times a day. Some skin improvement will be noticed, at least reduced them. Although a 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water a still needed for 5 days out of a week and it takes about well through the second week to notice a tolerable improvements and some makeup can cover a minor rashes.

The best food to eat are generally boiled, steamed, fishes, rice, some chicken, ocassional chicken, and sometimes fruits, plenty of vegetables in salads. Rice is generally better than bread since most white flour were bleached using bromine and has not been helpful. It is important to generally avoid all fried, oily, sugar, steaks, and white bread. Aloe vera drinks, without sugar is quite helpful as well as the chlorella supplements.