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Identified with Lupus in March

Posted by Susan on 09/12/2006

Dear Ted I have Lupus.It was identified only in March. The doctors put me on methyl prednisolone and plasmaquine. My problem is they have said my urine has got protein and my face is red with rashes, What should I do??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Susan, When a protein is identified in urine, it means your body is digesting itself, roughly speaking.

Prednisolone is supposed to help with your red face and rash, but apparently it is not working. Plasmoquine is usually used to treat malaria, that doesn't seem to work either. What I have found to work well against lupus and rashes, is that one person who contacted me stopped immediately with the medrol and prednisolone. He too had terrible rashes. I don't know, but I have seen rashes greatly reduced with just applying on your skin using simple vinegar.

Aspirin as an anti-inflammatory conditions in place of prednisolone, at least for me is safer since the aspirin itself have certain properties that also destroy the pathogens in your body at the same time, thus also eliminating the cause, and not just the symptoms. You see acetyl salicylic acid (scientific name for aspirin) dissolves the protein lipid of the viruses and pathogens, thus killing them directly.

At the time I didn't have enough patience to see which ones stopped the rash and told him to take 50 mg of zinc per day, take about 200-300 mg. of the major B vitamins, in particular B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. While the other Bs, such as B12, were about 200-300 mcg, and other related B's such as inositol, and choline barbitrate.

The specific vitamins related to skin problems were especially found to be B5 and inositol. I also requested him to take plenty of brewer's yeast, which is high in pangamic acid and rare vitamin Bs you can't get over the counter. Also I asked him to take plenty of garlic, magnesium (from sunflower seeds - eat by the handful everyday), selenium supplements (400 mcg per day).

Both zinc and magnesium are important, and the form of zinc I always recommend is zinc acetate, 50 mg, and magnesium gluconate or magnesium chloride at 150-250 mg. Lupus for some reason or another is simply a deficiency of zinc, magnesium and selenium. For rashes, it is also a deficiency of vitamin B5 and Inositol, roughly speaking. Other vitamin Bs also help too, so we just need to cover all the vitamin Bs and not just what they give us.

It seems lupus is treatable as I never seen rashes coming back if they just simply continue with the supplements. Apparently an autoimmune disorder is due to suppressed immune where one of the many cause is zinc, selenium and magnesium deficiency.

The other vitamin B I would use is vitamin B17, which is found in apricot pits and apple seeds. Taking one or two a day is what people usually take. Vitamin C (100 mg/day), and baking soda (1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water) taken before bed time, will alkalize your blood and reduce the protein in your body.

Of course in the long term, you need to build up your immune system. There are two ways for that, taking indole 3 carbinol (usually found in broccolli and some in cabbage) will build up the thymus. The other one is taking melatonin before bedtime, they also raise your immune system quite safely.

Taking all this you should wake up fresh and strong the next day. It doesn't take that long to know that the supplements do work.