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Natural Ways to Cure Lupus

Posted by Jeannine on 05/29/2006

I will pick up some acetyl l-carnosine also. You asked about my condition. I believe I have SLE lupus. I was diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago. I am generally not bothered. I had been taking the Plaquinil 200mg/ day, Prednisone 2mg /day and Sulindac 200mg /day up until recently. My left hand has begun to turn (sideways) at a fast rate of speed. I also experience some fatigue and lethargy, but I still have a good quality of life. I'm very motivated to stop my hand from looking like a hand of a 89 year old lady!

A couple of months ago I changed my diet to incorporate more alkaline reacting foods (no beef, no pork, no sweets, low dairy and lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and some fish and chicken. I also take iodine supplements, hot Epsom salt baths and peanut oil rubs recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings.

The diet made me feel much better, but now I'm getting the fatigue and joint stiffness again. My goal is to get off the pharmaceuticals (for good) and find more natural ways to cure or manage this condition. So, now, I'm layering on the supplements to help me along. I do appreciate your knowledge and sharing of information. I looked at the web site you recommended for the acetyl l-carnosine. My only concern about supplements is those with lupus have difficulty absorbing good nutrients/minerals in foods. Hence, I'm concerned that all these supplements will not be absorbed by my body. I really respect what you do, but I'm curious. How did you become so knowledgeable about lupus and lupus cures and where/how did you get you information?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Jeannine: Fatigue of joints if often the Carnosine, magnesium, boron, vitamin C, collagen, vitamin K2 and vitamin D4 issue. Vitamin D3 would be o.k. too. If you are tested for high vitamin D4, then you need a little bit phosphorous in the diet. A quick cure for stiffness of muscle is magnesium chloride, others are a bit longer term, but if you have a deficiency this will show. It is important to take magnesium chloride on an empty stomach. Do not take any alkaline drinks. They must be apart by at least 2 hours. Otherwise they might cause diarrhea. However, other magnesium will fare better, but this one is faster. 250 mg. of MgCl would be o.k.

The absorption issue can be handled by eating along with food, or take vitamins tablets and ground them to a powder or remove capsules. The reason is that capsules and tablets may not dissolve within 15 minutes while it is in the stomach. Therefore if taken in powdered form will help. Certain conditions of leaky gut will prevent absorption but taking magnesium chloride will often restore the condition and cause body to absorb.

Eating vitamin and mineral along with supplements is the best way. Addition of aspirin for certain supplements will aid absorption especially chromium. Fulvic acid also enhances food absorption of minerals.

Why am I knowledgeable? I have fear of old age when I was only 6 years old. My first exposure to medicine was Reader's Digest Family Medicine Encyclopedia (don't remember the exact title). I read the whole book nearly 5 or 6 times and that was when I was only in the 7th grade. I read a college textbook on Human Psychology the entire book in the 8th Grade, and my first exposure to alternative medicine was when I was in the 9th Grade, the magazine was called Prevention Magazine. You can probably guess I have been at this for the next 30+ years! I was deeply influenced when Linus Pauling's book was first out in the 1970s on Vitamin C and the Common Cold, it was an excerpt of his book by Dell Publishing. During that same period I read books on Edgar Cayce (circa 1971-3) which had to do with alkalizing, so I took it that sodium bicarbonate is very important so I took that regularly! It was only in U.S. college that I learned that sodium bicarbonate is very extensive in human physiology that I knew it was important along with zinc to be resistant against the dreaded flu I had way back in 1970s.