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Symptoms of Lupus

Posted by Barbara on 09/27/2006

About 13 years ago, I was dx with Lupus. I am taking the following meds: Plaquenil 1 bid 200 mg/tab Daypro 1 bid 600 mg/caplet Coreg 1 bid 12.50 mg Isosorbide 1 day 30 mg/tab Benicar HCT 1 a.m. Tab 40 - 12.5 Ambien 1 p.m. 10 mg Vicodin 1 every 6 hours 7.5/750 Glucophage 2 tap a.m. 1 tab p.m. 500 mg/tab Allegra-D 1 every day 24hour tablet Cymbalta 1 bid 30 mg/cap OTC Similason Earache Relief ear drops as needed/pain Lorazapam 1 as needed 10?/mg Paxil 1 as needed ?/mg Flexiril ? Cortisone as needed for knee joint pain Nitroclycerin pump spray as needed (no longer needed) I have been on prednisone; naprosyn; etc.

Current and past symptoms: Chest pain radiating to left arm
Lung collapsed (3 times)
Severe knee pain (difficulty manipulating stairs/cannot sit or stand for long periods of time because of severe pain and stiffness; cannot walk on uneven pavements)
Lazy leg syndrome joint pain - wrists; sides; arms; legs; (all over)
severe cramping in feet; ankle; muscle in mid thigh
shortness of breath
vertigo (swooning) balance problems
hoarseness redness of throat
change in vision bruises (w/o trauma) discoloration sensitive to sun mouth sores head sores (oozing sometimes)
nose sores tiredness fibromyalgia alopecia sleep apnea acid reflux ( this symptom has dissipated)

must have plenty of rest -- can no longer go shopping for hours cannot hold/lift slightly heavy items arthritis severe ear pain/aches ear ringing ear sensitivity severe migraines (Vicodin does not help; so doctors give codeine) dry feet - peeling heart murmur memory

For the past month, I have been seeing a N.D., CNC, CNHP. He recommended that I try Novavit for three months. It is very very expensive; but I decided to try it for one month. I experienced severe muscle cramps in both my feet, ankles, and mid thigh. The CNHP recommended that I take 1/2 dose of the Novavit at night and the a.m. Since I was still experiencing the cramping, but it was not as severe, I decided to take only 1/2 dose a day.

I have experimented with Black Strap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar and noticed a significant amount of weight loss (13 pounds within three weeks) However, just two days ago, my rheumatologist called to say that my recent lab work revealed that my blood sugar was "way too high" and that he was going to prescribe another medication; and if after two weeks if my sugar was still high, he recommends that I go on insulin. I checked my blood sugar and it was 404!!! I was very disappointed because I thought that the Novavit was a "cure-all" according to the CNHP! Please advise as to how I can lower my blood pressure and specifically my sugar! I have stopped taking the Novavit; but would like to know if I should continue taking the Black Strap Molasses and Cider Vinegar. (Yesterday, I informed the CNHP of my rheumatologist recent findings. The CNHP asked that I e-mail the specifics -- which I did -- and stated that he would get back to me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Barbara:

Please advise as to how I can lower my blood pressure and specifically my sugar!

Just take vitamin B complex B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 at 100 mg. each 3 times a day. B12 at 100 mcg 3 times aday Use aspirin as a painkiller as this is synergistic with vitamin B. The vitamin B and aspirin will help manage your sugar down to a level considered reasonable within the second week and joint pain.

However you need to take granulated lecithin powder 2 tablespoon with every meal every time you eat. This will normalize most of your liver function.

Pare down all the meds by spacing them further when you take vitamin Bs, and others. You should not know the difference.

Increase your immune system by taking 50 mg/day of zinc acetate or zinc citrate. Other zinc will not be acceptable to your body. Selenium and brewer's yeast should further help that area, if you can get it.

Finally, stop taking the black strap molasses, the sugar is too high. Just take the ACV but you NEED to add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and some 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin C (in form of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate is o.k.) Allow the powdered vitamin C to react with the ACV, and baking soda so you can get the resultant ascorbate. It is important to take on an empty stomach only 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium hydroxide with some water only once a day. Since most of the people have trouble finding any magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, etc.

Most drug stores will have magnesium hydroxide, but not at THEIR DOSE, it is way too high and used for other purposes. I used it as an antioxidant to restore your blood oxidation rather then get diarrhea from you. Get the kind where they have only magnesium hydroxide and water, and no more. Peppermint and other flavors are usually o.k. They are also very cheap.

I have stopped taking the Novavit; but would like to know if I should continue taking the Black Strap Molasses and Cider Vinegar.

Any medicine that sounds space aged to you is never going to cure you. Common sounding names, such as parsley, corn, and other things that we have been eating for the past 1000 years is very likely to be safe for you and for me is a miracle cure all. Provided of course we used them properly. If you do the above your sugar should be within normal range in about a couple of weeks. It is not perfect given the limitations I must consider so you can get the required supplements locally.