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Lupus, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure

Posted by Tammy on 10/25/2006

I just recently started juicing with organic vegetables and taking a very strong liquid Omega #3. It Hasn't Cured anything yet, but it has definitely relieved alot of my symptoms of my severe Lupus Sle I'm hoping to go into remission soon.' My real concern is that my husband unfortunately has given me the herpes simplex virus when we first met almost 10 years ago. I've gotten worse fatigue and chest pain an irregular heart murmur has gotten worse. any recommendations to kill the virus or at least . I believe my symptoms had gotten worse because I had unprotected sex with my husband because we both have had the virus for a long time I thought my immune system had already accepted the virus. I will not have unprotected sex with my husband any more, could the virus be making me sick again?I feel like I have the flu symptoms and I'm afraid I only made my situation worse , when I was finally getting better. I have Lupus, Heart disease , High blood pressure Ans herpes simplex What do I do? Do I detox my body a colon cleanse and then a parasite cleanse I,m concerned the virus is causing my illness on top of having LUPUS pLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I'M AFRAID THAT BECAUSE MY HEART CONDITION iMIGHT HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR STROKE!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tammy:

Herpes simplex virus when we first met almost 10 years ago Iv'e gotten worse fatigue and chest pain an irregular heart murmur has gotten worse. any recommendations to kill the virus?

You need to know that zinc, baking soda, magnesium, malic acid (Apple cider vinegar), and selenium should help especially the zinc. For you to gain confidence that zinc is most effective against this, and there are many studies, but this is one on herpes simplex, attached below. Basically what the researchers is say is zinc gluconate is effective in killing the herpes simplex virus to 98% then using zinc lactate which is effective to 97%. My experience has been that zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and zinc chloride were equally effective. I would much prefer the acetate form since they have the ability to dissolve the protein protecting the virus. Usually common dose is 50 mg/day of zinc acetate. But the real issue is to get your body's zinc level high enough throughout the day so dividing up the dose to 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg afternoon, should get the blood zinc high enough throughout the day necessary to kill them.

The other is just simply taking some baking soda to alkalize or at least get your urinary pH to 6-7 so the body will function better to remove the virus. By alkalizing more you can raise the blood oxygen thus killing the herpes virus.

The last one is a bit of a surprise to some people, but I have often noticed the herpes virus often acts up after a big meal. It gets much worse if the food is laden with sugar and fats. So to kill the herpes, we do the opposite, take less sugar, eat less fat, but at the same time emulsify the your food. This is simply done by taking 2 tablespoon of lecithin eaten along with your food. By taking this lecithin, the liver fat clogged function will be removed and the virus protein is safely removed. I have seen some people with herpes get much better after taking lecithin. Years ago, there was an anti-viral compound whose really active compound was actually form of lecithin. So in fact lecithin does have some antiviral capabilities.

Also taking apple cider vinegar and some baking soda, such as 2 tablespoon of it plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda might help too, since malic acid is a component of the Krebs cycle allowing or facilitating the muscles, such as the heart for example. Magnesium supplements will also help, but must be in the form of magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. I much prefer a powder or liquid form since they are better absorbed and much quicker acting. Most tablet don't even get dissolved after you take them and still stay like that even after it goes right through your body the tablet form still take shape even in the septic tank.

This is just the basics.