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Zinc Regimen Suggestions?

Posted by Nicole on 11/07/2006

Hello Ted, My mother has just been diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 57. Her symptoms are primarily muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue. I have two questions for you: 1) She has been swimming at her gym for exercise, as running and aerobics are no longer an option due to the pain. After reading your Q/A's, I am concerned that the highly chlorinated pool water may not be good for her because it is being absorbed through the skin. She is considering building her own pool, but if this is more harmful, then I think it would be a poor decision - unless, of course, there is a product to keep your water clean w/out chlorine?!? What do you think about this? 2) She is going to start taking your recommendations, however, I don't really have a good idea as to the proper regiment. ie...Is the zinc meant to be taken for a short time or everyday for the rest of her life, should some vitamins be taken with or without others and some on an empty stomach or with food etc... Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. Your help is greatly appreciated! All my best,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Nicole:

Her symptoms are primarily muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue.

A nice fast temporary cure is to use camphor powder 10% mixed with eucalyptus oil and apply to her arms and legs for 4 consecutive times at 15 minutes interval. It kills the pathogens and hence the pain is lessened.

This will lift her fairly quickly from muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue within minutes. There are some newer formulations, I am currently experimenting, but simply never got around to improving the formulas. The last tested formula that I found that worked very well, is the one I mentioned here, which was formulated only on November 5, 2006, after that there are several other formulas in my head I need to try out that should work better!

She is considering building her own pool,

Hydrotherapy or a small sauna spa's upkeep are easier since you don't keep the water when your done. If you are considering a pool there are many alternative ways to use non-chlorinated pools using copper and zinc ions generated by a small electrical device which certain companies in U.S. makes especially for swimming pools. Both zinc and copper ions are quite healthy and do kill lupus if it occurs in large amounts. Of course salts of copper chloride and zinc chloride as another easier way to up keep the swimming pools using non chlorination.

Of course, I haven't done experiments on that, but I suspect a three way mixture is ideal to contain the fungus: copper chloride, zinc chloride, and chromium chloride, at appropriate ratios of 4: 8: 1, as to the concentration they should be around 0.1% add some borax, should further help reduce algae buildup. You just have to try it to know.

In my opinion, her lupus condition should be greatly helped with a pool with copper, chromium, zinc chloride and borax solution. Since I know the lupus Achilles Heels, not all of them of course!

Adding plenty of sea salt on top of that, could further contain such growth of algae and fungus too. The amount to use is a much as you would like, either you want it as salty as a Salt Lake in Utah, Dead Sea, or just as salty as the Pacific Ocean.

A non-mineral salt method is to simply just used hydrogen peroxide to the swimming pool, but they will create certain dead organic floating on swimming pool, which you might have to get rid of now and then, but they are entirely clean in general. Hydrogen peroxide and copper chloride don't mix well, so don't consider using this solution together, it turns into a black copper oxide. Also, the hydrogen peroxide are deactivated in presence of high metal salts. This is where incompatibility exists between a salts solution and peroxide solution.

Other systems used include ozonation, ultrasound and silver copper ions as a method to control algae problems. The swimming pool technology has not advanced to another stage of using a copper/chromium/zinc/selenium/vanadium alloy yet, but this would be in theory the best ones.

It must be noted that getting yourself wet all the time also encourages fungal growth so and lupus, which is a form of mycoplasma is a close relative. It might be beneficial to do some nice hot sauna (not scorching hot) to kill the lupus organism, at least temporary remission would be helpful too.

The most popular method, at least for me anyway, the least expensive, the least upkeep, is the ozonation and filtering system. The water keeps pumping in and pumping out, while it is ozonating continuously and filtering out organic residues. This is most convenient and it wont costs you a cent in chemicals.

You just have to decide which is best for you. I just present you with the choices. Of course depending on how serious the lupus condition is should be the major factor in deciding what system of pool/sauna she prefers. A sauna, you can also add mineral salts, peroxide, etc also. So a pool/sauna depends on the budget. What disinfection method depends on lupus condition. If it is serious a minerals salt might be better, if not serious but upkeep is important then maybe an ozonation system.

Ted adds: Nicole: One more thing. The concentration of the mineral salts (e.g. zinc, copper, chromium) in my own use is between 0.01% to 0.1%. You have to figure out which is the ideal concentration on you. I use maximum figures since my own use relates to local application such as small scale. Larger scale, I think a lower concentration is better. I prefer people to start with the minimum one and work slowly up that way, you will find your own best concentration depending on use.