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Discoid Lupus

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Posted by olive (pasadena, nl, canada) on 01/10/2008

Hi Ted, thank-you so much for your time and dedication. You are a God send. I wrote to you before about my discoid lupus. I have it only on my face, around the top of my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. Sometimes my face is swollen in these areas with pusules. I'm starting today for the first time the borax remedy, 1 litre of water with 1/8 teaspoon of borax ,drinking the quanity in 3 different intervals. I will do this 5 times a week as you said. I am testing the alkalinity of my urine with the paper test strips as I was unable to find the pocket PH meter. I believe that my urine is alkalined enough as the testing paper shows an almost deep blue color, which there is no indication on the chart of that color to indicate the alkaline value but I have been drinking the ACV remedy with baking soda twice daily and been avoiding acid forming foods as much as possible. My concern now is when I start killing the nanoinsects , if my body isn't alkalized enough to eliminate the "black spots " down the tiolet, excuse the expression, they will be seen on my skin . How do I iliminate them there ? What will I expect , itching ? I look foward to your response because I would like to be prepared in case this should happen since I don't live so close to the city to rush out to buy the nessary creams or oils to soothe the skin. Thank-you for your most generous help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Olive:

When you eliminate the bugs, there will be lots of itchiness, many of these (thousands) of little black dots (nanoinsects), most of the killing is done by the borax. And those are rid of it by wiping them when they die off on the surface of the skin with alcohol solution of cotton balls.

These won't generally appear until the fourth or fifth day. But it should be noted that some have no more nanoinsects and they have died off, leaving some sort of mycoplasma in two cases. One case apparently they killed using a topical and taken internally black salve, which lead to other problems of gastrointestinal problems. In another case the when lupus appeared after nanoinsect, it was killed with some unknown medication leaving a black dots scar around the face area.

The baking soda, if sufficient amount is taken, will handle the pustules and swollen face synergistically. The itchiness is reduced mostly with alcohol cotton balls, lavender oil solution, and aloe vera lotion to prevent drying of skin.

The baking soda and apple cider vinegar even if the litmus paper showed blue may sometimes mean acidosis still if the kidney problem is indicated, especially if the alkalinity is too high. This happens too, whenever the body breaks down urea to form ammonia, for example, when the body is deeply acidic. The only way to know if that is the problem is that the body becomes LESS ALKALINE, when MORE BAKING SODA is taken, such amount I might try is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day.

When nanoinsects do come, in some case they died, but there is lingering effects, yours seeme to be still there anyway, but they will come out their hiding where the bright red spots surfaces to become many tiny black dots, which must be cleaned with cotton balls in alcohol solution.

The alcohol solution will cause some stinging pain but the itchiness will reduce. Some weak lavender solution is applied to handle the itchiness and some lotions will be used to handle some skin dryness.

As a further update, I have found adding 10 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1/8 teaspoon ( or 1/4 teaspoon) of borax in one liter of water improves the effectiveness of the killing off the nanoinsects, as peroxide are a penetrant.

A SATURATED borax and H2O2 1% might be prepared AS A TOPICAL external application for skin areas also, but may cause drying to further kill, but this is generally limited in such use, and therefore is optional.

Chlorella or Chlorella/spirulina also helps reduce the symptoms connected to lupus, but it helps to drink a bottled water, as some case the relief was reported after the contaminated water sources and the white bread were completely eliminated from the diet. Alloxan bleach in the bread, even in small amounts may have caused lupus flared up in one cases. In another, eating barbequed steaks lead to an even worse case.

Maintenance dose of zinc and vitamin b complex are quite important in the lupus recovery. The remaining lupus that don't die may kill all of it with a yet to be found herbal remedy. However, I suspect adding some xylitol (such as 2 teaspoon in the 1 liter of water with the 1/8 borax with some hydrogen peroxide 3% of about 10 drops minimum) may have help loosen the mycoplasma from attaching itself preventing pustules too. However, I prefer to do this separately and find out whether this indeed help at a later stage. Some other nutritional supplements such as fish oil and flaxseed also is helpful in raising normal immune system as well as quickening the mycoplasma die off found in lupus too. It is especially value if there's a deficiency already indicated of essential fatty acids.