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Lupus Since 1993, Looking for Further Advice

Posted by Cathy (Wheelersburg, Ohio USA) on 02/21/2009

Ted, I just found Earth Clinic this week after going to see my doctor she told me about this site to check out. I was diagonis with Lupus Sle with Kidney involvement in 93, My kidney shut down and had about 30 lbs of liquid on me . Before, that in 1980 they thought I had I Rheumatic fever. I have taken 3 doses of cytoxin pill form , an 8 week course,and high doses of predisone since that time.About every3 to 4 years I go out of remission. I am Now in remission and It was inapril of 2005 I had my last bout of it. When I start getting the yeast and the skin breakouts I know to watch out. So Please give me some insight or good news so far I am doing good..

I have been taking supplements such as Msm,betine,Multi,vit and mineral supplements, I get yeast infections quite often. I am still on a maintance dose of imurne 50mg once a day and a B/P altace 10 mg once a day.I take laxis when needed. What would you add to this? also I get anemia bad when I am out of remission. I get skin break outs in the T zone(forehead,nose and chin) lately really bad since I have done the washing with the borax it has cleared up quite a bit.

I stated taking the borax and peroxide mix in 1 pint of water. I am on my first week, 3rd day of it, Plus the baking soda plus Lemon in water 2 times a day.How long will it be before I see anything. Today I felt very sluggish, brain fog, Tired. So When will I feel better energy wise and rid myself to the yeast and when will the bugs come out, How long do I take this borax soultion,and baking soda?

Also, My husband had a high psa count last year it was5.5 and had a benigned bisopy on his prostate, now a year later his count has gone up to 6.8, He has bad lose teeth and some bone loss in his jaws, he seems to always have infected mouth for the last 3 years and has quit smoking for 2 years.He does have reddness on his face and did have many face breakouts then when he quit smoking his face cleared up. He probaby has yeast too. So what would he need. Thank You Cathy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Cathy: Sorry for the delay. I am struggling from answering email, which is an enormous energy drain for me and hence, the slow response. Quite a few of my emails request privacy so can't even post them from concerned family members. Therefore, it helps to remind me so I can answer them, if I am getting too slow.

This is the first time I have heard of earthclinic being recommended by a doctor. So I guess earthclinic is doing something right.

As to your questions:

A kidney shutdown can occur from too much yeast. too much blood protein from dead cells for example. A hydrogen peroxide drops is needed to both clear up the blood of pathogens, reducing the the congestion on the kidneys as well as energy drain. Too much pathogens can drain energy levels. What is interesting is too much prednisolone can cause a kidney shutdown just the same, which is why people become swollen from long term or large dose of the prednisolone. The best way around that problem is to reduce the dose by about 1/8 the origina dose and just take them more frequent or some people just go medrol, which is another one used for lupus on inflammation in some parts of Europe.

The dose is 10 drops 3% H2O2 food grade in 1 glass of water every 3 hours. If water retention is there sometime a laxative will do. Remeber, the body can get rid of liquids a couple of ways. By sweat using the sauna method. The sauna methods works by killing off lupus from heat, and fluids retention is loss by sweat.

The use of laxative can help but I am old fashioned and prefer the milk of magnesia, without the aluminum, and I would follow as directed as per bottle instruction. Then once the fluids are out, I will replenish the loss fluids with electrolytes, which is basically a small pinch of sea salt and some potassium.

Regular bowel movement is important to prevent breakouts, and hence it has always been consistent with me to get regular bowel movements with potassium. But to prevent any sodium and potassium imbalance, this is the dose I used: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate (or potassium citrate -technical name tripotassium citrate) in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day. I prefer twice, and this reduce inflammation by alkalization to skin with reduced redness.

Now a yeast infection is interesting one, at least for me since I have been in war with fungus for a long time. There are spectrum of mineral deficiency that are generally deficiency of selenium, chromium, manganese, copper, and tungsten. Lack of sleep can also bring about weakness in some people with lupus. I have found 1-5 mg of indium sulfate to help sleep too, as is sodium thiosulfate drops taken before sleep and some vitamin b complex taken in moderation.

In any event if a virus is the cause of weakness, as some opportunities doe, a single dose of 1500 mg of lysine should see energy level rising if it's just the virus opportunist is the cause. A fungus major weakness is the hydrogen peroxide drops, 1500 mcg of chromium to lower the blood sugar - if some blood sugar is a problem - and this can be seen after a person eats his meal at noon and become really weak in the afternoon. Most people are weak to some extent and it helps to drink plenty of water before during and after meal to prevent blood sugar spikes which causes the weakness and a lupus breakout.

A husband with high PSA, a simple remedy is always the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day to increase the alkalinity. A cancer cells may be easily digested by 1/2 within a matter of days using a bloodroot tincture, preferably in ordinary alcohol such as ethanol alcohol. Personally I never like methanol and they do cause blindness and the antidote for me is apple cider vinegar or vinegar 1 tablespoon maybe with a bkaing soda can reduce the side effects within about an hour or two.

In any event, bloodroot tincture 3 drops at least 3 or 4 times a day dissolved in a glass of water is my conservative dose. Holistically I will take baking soda and potassium, but to prevent enzyme depletion I much tend to lean toward a raw vegetarian diets as a larger component of the diet as opposed to meats because it's the meat where yeast, lupus, mycoplasma feeds on, especially a nice well done steak and leave a person sick with lupus for weeks on weeks.

Other problems with high PSA count is the selenium supplements 200 mcg a day also helps.