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Supplements for Lupus

Posted by Tim on 10/17/2006

Ted: Hello my name is Tim I'm 21 yrs old and was diagnosed with lupus about a year ago. I got your email from earthclinic.com and I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to share to insight on my problems. My symptoms are mild joint pains basically all over, reynoids, possibly hair loss and possibly fatigue. I say possibly because it is hard to determine whether they were from the lupus or not. I have gone to 3 different doctors so far and pretty much everyone says the same -- nothing. I was put on procardia for the reynoids and plaquenil for the joint pain and to stop the progress of the disease. None of these treatments seem to treat anything. Do you have any advice on what supplements I should look into and behaviors I should change as far and what to eat/drink.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tim: It must be noted that I will not repeat some things I posted on lupus case, but will describe specifically for your conditions only. Based on your conditions, hair loss, fatigue, and the following is recommended:

1. Zinc acetate 50 mg/day should take for more than a month or until the lupic cells are no longer with your or if you experience loss of appetite, whichever comes first.
2. Vitamin B Complex 100 mg for each, except the B12 at 100 mcg.
3. Manganese sulfate 50-100 mg./day (taken on empty stomach) Take it only for one month if you are using this form.
4. Vitamin E 4000 IU/day
5. Magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride 250 mg/day
6. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 500 mg/day

You should feel much better the next day. The joint pains might will be relieved, by some vitamin B5, vitamin B8, borax 50 mg/day, lithium citrate 5 mg/day. Your hair loss will stop within the maximum of 3 days, worse case scenario.

Again if you can't find manganese, then just take soy milk, preferably the unsweetened kind if you can find one. They make great manganese substitute. Speaking of soy, the earthclinic's web page on soy has been subjected to a lot of attack by readers. However, it is part of the regimen to needed to raise your manganese to a level acceptable needed to raise your immune system. If you are a purist anti soy, then you must get the manganese sulfate in powder form, taken only on an empty stomach. Sodium ascorbate vitamin C is taken at different times to enhanced vitamin C absorption. Once your immune system are raised, hair loss will stop, usually within 3 days at the most.

For the fatigue,

1 drop of clove oil mixed well or shake it in one liter of water. Some complained this amount as being too hot. I doubt it, but just a warning.

The lupus has certain peculiar weaknesses, namely hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade 6 -12 drops per glass of water. Some improvement should be noticed within a hour or two. Continue to take it until the fatigue is gone. An alkaline form of ACV or malic acid will work for you quite well, just keep adding the baking soda, slowly until it tastes like water.

Lupus should be somewhat cured, well lupic cells anyway, will be reduced by about 99.999% based on my latest figures compiled after taking most of my recommended supplements for only a month. Still it is not 100% I would like to hope within one month, but a longer period, the figure should be 100% eventually.

Taking some disodium EDTA powder of only 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water should help speed things up especially on the immune front.

It is important that you measure your urinary pH and keep it within the 6.5- 7.35 range. Most people the fact that they were not cured within one month as I always hope is that they do not keep their urinary pH within the range recommended and let their urinary pH running from anywhere from 4.5 to 5.0 which is not a great way towards killing those lupic cells and mycoplasma.

To quickly raise your urinary pH, just get one whole freshly squeezed lemon plus one glass of water, and keep adding the baking soda until it no longer fizz, at which point it should taste like water. That level is close to about pH of 7.4. Take it 3 or 4 times a day on empty stomach, if not, you might have a bad case of diarrhea, in which case it is a great way to detox the lupic cells, but socially an embarrassing event nonetheless.

The simple "lemon trick" as I always called it often normalizes both the pH and the Oxidation Reduction Potential values. Of course to succeed in this lemon trick requires the ingenuity of the baking soda. I haven't done the study on Apple Cider vinegar whether it can pull the same trick, but taking this along with added baking soda will definitely help. Other little things to normalized your basic body's biological terrain is the lecithin food emulsifier. SO just take two tablespoons of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal of food you take.

The cure is difficult to prove but living a normal life after supplements is usually a more practical approach. I have plenty of things to say about lupus, but time is limited due to the many emails I have to answer. Therefore if I missed any points, which I do often, just email me another one!