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Posted by Kate on 09/26/2006

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email. I have a few questions about your email. I was wondering, should I treat the symptoms I currently have or the symptoms that I had originally? - As I wrote earlier, I do feel much better than I did. I doubt feeling better is due to the Plaquenil however. I have a feeling that it is more to do with being careful with the foods I consume and my thyroid medication. My teeth seem to be better. I had a rash of cavities and root canals between the ages of 14 and 18. It has been 3.5 years and I've had only a few dental fillings done. My stamina is incredibly better as well. I also no longer of menstrual problems. At the moment, I would say that my main problems relate to indigestion. I believe that my stomach doesn't digest food properly. I've found that much of one of my medications actually goes through me undigested. The allergies also play a large part in how I feel. If I stick to an extremely strict diet, I feel a hundred times better. I also was wondering another thing. The test that uncovered my gluten and other significant food allergies was an IgE test. Usually, these allergies are considered permanent. Wouldn't that indicate that gluten might be part of the original problem and not a product of suppressed immune function? How do I approach my history of lupus like symptoms and then the current situation? best,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Gluten will always be part of the problem and strict diet will definitely help. Once your whole body normalizes, you will find in the future that the need for strict diet might no longer be necessary, as I have seen in many cases. However everyone heals at different speeds.

Suppressed immune function is also part of the problem. As best as I can described, there are many causes and we simply just have to cover as much as possible needed to get you to recover.

However, gluten problem was nearly non-existent decades ago, until unhealthy diets starts getting into our body, such as omega 3 deficiency due to changes in farming practices where a chicken's growth is accelerated causing an excess Omega 6 while omega 3 is lacking. Even raising cows have changed from eating healthy grass to feeding a more unhealthy grains which causes lowered conjugated linoleic acid. So the fact that businesses are pursuing bigger profits, also mean we are killing ourselves quietly.

So to argue this academically there will be no end. We just simply have to be cautious, get ourselves cured and leave the debate to the professors.