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Does Neem Extract Have Any Negative Effect on Lupus Patients

Posted by H on 02/06/2008

Hi Ted, I discovered your earth clinic postings tonight and loved the information and hope you have given to people. I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions..

Does Neem extract have any negative affect on Lupus patients (my natropath has me taking some for intestinal health) I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2002 after display over several years of mild symptoms, headaches, joint pain, fatigue, slight reddening over the cheeks, occasional 'brain fog'.... I was given plaquenil at 200 mg / day and ibuprofen as needed. Long story short is that I no longer display symptoms other than some very occasional joint pain, I no longer require any ibuprofen, and take plaquenil sporadically - perhaps twice a week - because I am afraid to stop taking it all together). Am I doing myself more harm than good with taking plaquenil on a non regular basis? It is very important to me not to risk a flare, as my job requires a very high degree of fitness (police riot team), and my specialist said that plaquenil can stay in my system for months, which is why my symptoms aren't deteriorating with the lower dose. If I have lupus at all, I think my symptoms are also much better because of diet (dairy and wheat free) and stress management..... After all that, in short can I safely stop taking the tablets?

Many thanks and kind regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Neem may have limited usefulness for some lupus people. However, some people do take it to reduce certain symptoms, but only for major flare ups. Because of this problem in some lupus, I decided to change the remedy with somewhat more consistency on the outcome by using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and borax remedy. Both Xylitol and d-Mannose is very helpful in reducing flare ups, and I am following up on this issue to see its effectiveness. Apparently mycoplasma has more difficult time attaching to healthy cells as well as mannose are converted by the liver as mannose bound lectin (sometimes called mannose bound protein), which acts as tagging devices on various pathogens in the body so that the white cells can direct its attack more directly consuming the invading pathogens. The reasons for my interest is biological military research in U.S. are doing studies on d-mannose against the ebola viruses, but it seems to work quite effective against lupus flare up also.

Plaquenil taking long term may lead to eye problems (sometimes a permanent one), such as macular degeneration. I had a case of a 15 year old who has that from taking plaquenil, the dose given by today's doctor appears to be too much for most people. What I find important is borax and baking soda should be taking with ocassionally discontinuing 3 days out of a week for example, just to keep it under control.

Hence most people who is into taking natural medicine find it best to take the bare minimum, in one case 1/4 of the dose, in another case only sporadically, depending on how mild the case is.

Lupus is seasonal where flare ups occur during winter if they dont take regular multivitamin and mineral supplements. However, if they take them, the lupus is within control.

It's very helpful to take chlorella/spirulina as chlorella removes heavy metals, but spirulina also remove toxic metals, such as arsenic. Reducing the heavy metal buildup allows the immune system to be normal thus reducing the lupus problem.

If there's any additional question feel free to ask.