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Chlorella and Spirulina

Posted by J

Ted- thank you for your additional help you emailed today. i've got just about all the ingredients ordered/ or already have them here. i've started on the sea salt and baking soda in water, the clove oil, and oil pulling with sesame oil -and already was doing iodine tablets and chlorella/spirulin (but not regularly-will start). it's interesting that you mentioned toxic METALS because i didn't mention that to you in the beginning. i ALSO have "mercury toxicity" and i went through about 50 EDTA chelations in 1999 only to have wasted my money-it didnt work; i guess what you are saying is true: the combination of Lupus and Mycoplasma and metal toxicity is making it hard to get rid of any of them. but -yes i will look for the chinese parsley to add to the chlorella and the rest of my regimen. i have "white thyme oil" on order and will go to store for iodine paint and borax and limes. my doctor is western and holistic and says to take selenium and vit-D to help rid toxic metals? i think it was you that said Lupus patients get worse in winter and to take vit-D----i dont know about the vit-D but probably a big reason Lupus patients get worse in the winter is the Raynaud's phenomenon--the circulation is SO bad with Systemic Lupus and the cold weather or wet weather makes my condition very bad --i cannot be cold. but also i've been doing far-infrared saunas recently and the far infrared helps give the healing part of the sun without the rashes the sun can give us with lupus.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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J: Even if you didn't mentioned it, I would have guess the high heavy metals as this is a common pattern for lupus, especially mercury, lead, iron (free radical) and other similar metals.

My personal experience with people's feedback is the IV EDTA chelation suprisingly don't work as well as the oral or suppositories.

The funny thing about EDTA chelation based on my own observations is that it also doesn't chelate mercury out very well. The truth is, it is the N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, chlorella, chinese parsley and perhaps selenium as you mentioned. However, I tend to keep the selenium a bit later and take on chlorella first to at least remove the toxic metals out first, otherwise the chelation may interfere with the selenium you are taking. Selenium, by the way is also a heavy metals too, but the advantage is it displaces mercury and the disadvantages is it interferes with the heavy metals.

Infrared, especially far infrared works best, which is why summer lupus is lessened, but the lupus tend to flare up with the presence of UV.

If you take vitamin D3, make sure you take magnesium so the calcium/magnesium remains undisturbed.

Keep simple first. Alkaline, boron and chelation. Alkalinity dilates the capillaries and reduces the Raynaud's phenomenon, but doctors seem to ignore this approach.