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Free Radical Damage?

Posted by Sanford (Yucca Valley, CA) on 06/20/2006

I heard that drinking peroxide creates dramatic free radical damage to tissues. Is this true?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes it does, but apparently our body's red blood cells tend make use of it to carry the H2O2 free radicals to a location where it needs the most: bacteria and viruses. The H2O2 is in your blood stream for about 45-55 minutes, which I sometimes use to take in frequent interval to control my flu fever. I must admit it works and I do get better, from it and sometimes it just stop colds and flu many times dead in its track. In fact your white blood cells creates H2O2 also needed to digest the bacteria and viruses. This is why H2O2 is used whenever you come down with a sickness or you are a little weak due to the bugs. Oxygen you breathe also creates free radicals, but your body has a mechanism to control oxygen free radicals.

The most dangerous free radicals are in fact not oxygen free radicals, it is the hydroxyl free radicals created by iron and heavy metals. Those are many times more dangerous since your body has no mechanism to deal with it. If you so worry about H2O2, then a good alternative is clove oil (which can be very hot) and proper use of it you can use this. This is because clove oil is a powerful antioxidants yet it kills bacteria and viruses also. HOWEVER, H2O2 also DETOXIFIES YOUR SYSTEM of chemical poisons, which clove oil does not. This is why H2O2 is a preferred method of removing unwanted chemicals and toxins by oxidation. I only use H2O2 when I feel it is needed, such as detox or killing of pathogens. I don't use everyday, like sodium bicarbonate or other therapies.