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Posted by Johan on 03/22/2007

I wash my face with Cetaphil brand face wash and then apply hydrogen peroxide to my face morning at night. Is this a good way? After rinsing with hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, do we leave it in our mouth, or do we rinse it out? I do it after brushing morning and night.

And now last question: you wrote both of these on earth clinic, and I am confused whether we can mix acv with h2o2. which one is it? and does acv help people in athletics, i run track and field. i know h202 would help me (oxygenate my blood), but it seems if i can mix it with acv i would be getting both benefits?

1: I find use of acv alone is not effective. I add one teaspoon of H2O2 3% plus 1 tablespoon of vinegar plus a large pinch of baking soda (reactions becomes sodium acetate) I get better results. Apparently your body also needs some buffer to get rid of colds. I further modified using humic acid.

2: 2/8/2007: Fran from Houston, TX writes, "Can I add few drops of good grade hydrogen peroxide to the ACV and baking soda solution, twice a day? Thanks"

Ted replies, "No. Hydrogen peroxide will neutralize the vitamin C and other organic compounds in the apple cider vinegar. It is best taken for hydrogen peroxide with water alone, or at least 6 hours apart. The reason is simple, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant, while apple cider vinegar and baking soda is an antioxidant. You can however, mix drops of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda in a drinking water. It creates a more alkaline form of peroxides which can also detoxify the body of accumulated poisons built up in the liver. Ted

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Dear Johan: It is best to rinse with water after the use of hydrogen peroxide 1% as a mouthwash. If there is no rinse, in some cases it may create irritations in the mouth. Yes, always do hydrogen peroxide mouthwash after brushing. The toothbrush gets out the larger food particles, while the tiny food particles and some film are rid of best with a hydrogen peroxide.

Don't worry about information conflicts, it depends on application, not the formulas. For colds and viruses, peroxide is preferred. For biochemical imbalances then antioxidation is best. For athletic preparations, oxygenation and bicarbonates is better before a competition, while antioxidants and bicarbonates tend to work better during recovery.