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Can You Take Too Many H2O2 Baths?

Posted by Ben (Cape Town, South Africa) on 03/12/2009

Ted, you seem to be the person to direct the following question to. I am ingesting H2O2 orally, already at seven drops from 25 down but I took a H2O2 bath some time ago and were so impressed that I now do this daily-quarter pint H2O2 35% in a full tub. Am I overdoing this and what can happen to me? I am feeling a little queesy of late but compared to the energy boost, it is nothing. The doctors around here does not seem to know(want to know) the answer to this.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The limit is determined by how well the skin doesn't have problem. Practically speaking that's the only limit, so if no skin problem, no headaches, no burns, then it can be used as often as a person likes. The entire issue depends on the concentration where H2O2 doesn't sting the skin, skin burns or cause skin dryness. The limit of H2O2 should not exceed 1.5% concentration, and a maximum of 2%. Other books might mention higher concentrations. Ideally a 0.5% has the least problems along with some effectivness. So concentration is an individual choice so the range that was used is between 0.5% up to 2% Frequency can be as frequent (from taking internally as in every 2 hours at 0.5% concentation. For baths it is a lot less frequent so it won't dry the skin.

Virus tends to reproduce quickly by three hours. A fungus takes much longer to reproduce. Energy is restored when Epstein Barr Virus are destroyed or reduced. The source can come from any place, from vaccines, contaminated foods, etc. Most virus has a weakness of H2O2 being the most consistent of all remedies. It's actually much queasier to use sodium chlorite 25% mixed with vinegar at much less dose then those used in H2O2, and hence are relatively much easier.