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Accidental Ingestion

Posted by PR (Maldives) on 06/29/2007

Two nights ago, I woke up very thirsty. I walked into the bathroom, without turning on the light, and picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide instead of the bottle of water that I normally keep there. I took a large amount before I realized something was wrong. I immediately turned the lights on and drank water. Then I went to the kitchen and found some plain yoghert to eat. Later I vomitted and started feeling better. However, it is the second day and I am not feeling well. I feel a lot of pressure around my eyes, and generally feel weak. Any suggestions about what I have done, and what I should do?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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After having vomited and feeling better, but some pains were left, most of those can be helped with taking some 500 mg vitamin C sodium ascorbate two times a day to restore the body's antioxidant levels since the peroxide is an oxidant. Another supplement that is helpful is vitamin B complex (100 mg each for most B's except for B12 and folic acid) and magnesium supplements (250 mg which will restore neural pain sensation and pressure. Green tea (no sugar, no fructose and no milk) is a diuretic which should further reduce some pressure being felt around the head and eyes.

Replied by Mrskimnwaz
Phoenix, Az

I have two questions. How much peroxide did you drink, and did you turn out alright after the accidental ingestion?