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Refuting H2O2 As Cancer Cause

Posted by K (LA) on 03/13/2008

she found the following article about the H2O2 regiment and was wondering whether Ted could refute it. Hydrogen Peroxide Named as Cancer Agent in Cigarette Smoke March 3, 2008 Research Summary The hydrogen peroxide in cigarette smoke causes cells in the lungs to become cancerous, according to new research from the University of California at Davis. HealthDay News reported Feb. 28 that lead author Tzipora Goldkorn and colleagues found that airway cells exposed to hydrogen peroxide showed the same kinds of abnormal molecular signs of cancer development as those exposed to cigarette smoke. "With the five-year survival rate for people with lung cancer at a dismally low 15.5 percent, we hope this study will provide better insight into the identification of new therapeutic targets," said Goldkorn. The authors also said that the findings could aid in the development of less-hazardous cigarettes. The research was published in the March 2008 issue of the FASEB Journal, the official journal of the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually there's a secret in research circles and I was one of them, I can easily manipulate the hydrogen peroxide to cause cancer or anti-cancer properties, if I were to get funding on the research either which ways. The problems I found is the financiers are not necessarily want the right information to be put out.

For example, if I were to manipulate hydrogen peroxide to cause cancer this would be easy. The concentration has to exceed 6% and done long enough such as several months of human life of continuous use and I used the hydrogen peroxide that is the drug store brand where they add the stabilizers using a power cancer promoter acrylamide. This would be interesting.

On the other hand, people don't realize what is meant by Superoxide dismutase. It used to be a very popular supplements decades ago and the body produces this enzyme to kill virus and promote anti tumor effects or to prevent cancer. It's the same with interferon which causes the white blood cells to produce hydrogen peroxide necessary to digest the tumor causing cells or cancer viruses. The key is the concentration used, the best one it used is always below 0.5% taken internally and if externally a maximum of 3% and done only briefly not continously as the research was exposed to a very long period of time necessary to induce cancer. The secret about the superoxide dismutase is produced by the body's enzyme which in turn produces hydrogen peroxide just the same to protect against cancer, and believe it or not the superoxide dismutase which creates hydrogen peroxide to PREVENT pancreatic cancer.

It's the same thing with hypothyroidism, a lithium in tiny amounts can help with increase metabolism such as 1-2 mg/per day, but at the amount doctors give you which is 250 mg of lithium carbonate, it can kill the metabolism and cause obesity.

The secret is in the concentration and in fact hydrogen peroxide create from superoxide dismutase or interferon or even low concentration of hydrogen peroxide is actually used to DIGEST tiny cancer causing viruses at low concentration. Why low concentration and not a high one? It is simple: virus cancer are tiny, their cells are so small that you don't need much to kill them by peroxide. If you still don't get it I give you a tiny ice 1 mm in length and another ice 10 inches in length and put in a water of 75 degree Fahrenheit. Could you guess which ice cube would disappear? It is the 1 mm ice, which is analogous to that of a cancer virus, while on the other hand a large ice of 10 inches in length could take days to dissolve.

People don't understand what causes cancer and there's a lot of disinformation on that one. I can tell you that I can cause cancer to occur at any part of the body you want without the need to touch that specific area simply by injecting a very low concentration of 5 mg - 10 mg of aspartame or formaldehyde at a specific part of the brain, which controls that specific part of the body. So if I were to cause a tumor growth on the stomach there is a specific area to cause that in the brain. There is a brain map that you can explore and this is how one German scientist was able to know the exact location of the tumor just by looking at the CAT scans of the brain. The part of the hydrogen peroxide that causes cancer comes from the STRONG CONCENTRATION necessary to cause damage at a cellular level not tiny micron size virus size and hence the concentration must be much stronger. If I were to dissolve the 10 inch ice in a giant swimming pool the same time as it is required for 1 mm tiny ice cube necessary to cause cellular damage, as an analogy for example, I will have to raise the swimming pool water temperatures to about 500 degrees fahrenheit necessary to have the same damaging effects it has on the virus.

As a short brief, I attached a superoxide dismutase hydrogen peroxide used for treatment of pancreatic cancer and it's benefit. Mother nature uses just the right amount to effect the killing. It's we humans that are dangerous and go overboard with extreme doses, perhaps as part of a disinformation, ignorance, but for me as a former research, to get funding not necessarily in the best interest of society, but usually to promote pharma drugs instead of more natural alternative as a more sound investment if a person were to use research for commercial purposes.

Replied by Thalia
Sydney, Australia

Hi Ted, I have been diluting 35% FD Hydrogen Peroxide to 0.05% and drinking it. Basically, having 3 drops of 35% in 180ml of water once a day. Do you think at this dosage this is safe?