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Inhalation and Asthma

Posted by KR (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) on 01/17/2008

Where do I begin to describe my journey into the ails of pulmonary distress? It all started years ago when my now 6-year old was a toddler at 2 and diagnosed with asthma. For close to five years she has been through all kinds of drugs, just treating the symptoms of her debilitating disease. She had it all, wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing with enormous amounts of phlegm lodged and trapped in her lungs… Before we had our nebulizer and the knowledge of how to use it, we would rush her to ER where they'd give her a breathing treatment (albuterol) and another 5-day dosage of steroid to eliminate her symptoms, which, nonetheless, still wouldn't completely dissipate. It has been an ongoing, horrific battle from the beginning. Who knows how she even got this disease as she was breastfed from birth to two whole years and genetically, asthma is not on my side of the family nor my husband's!

Our next bout with pulmonary issues presented with our 8-year old who, just last year, had pneumonia in both lungs and has had ongoing issues with sinusitis and dry cough in the winter.

The final blow came with our 2-year old, who for close to 4 months was getting what they first diagnosed as bronchiolitis, then the next month, bronchitis, then back to bronchiolitis and back and forth, back and forth, never being cured and certainly not even relieved from this horrible outcome for much longer than a week at a time. The doctor just kept prescribing more antibiotics and different ones every time only to have it return worse and more ferocious than the previous attacks. Her cough was so powerful it would make the capillaries in her face burst and she couldn't hold down much, due to the force of her coughing and inevitably, suffered cough-induced vomiting (or was it the drugs or the infection, who knows?). That on top of fever often reaching as high as 103.5 and consistent reoccurrence of her sicknesses, just pushed me over the edge. My child's doctor was now telling me they didn't think it was bacterial, but rather viral since the infection didn't respond long term to the antibiotics and kept coming back. The doctor then informed me that if it was something viral, there was nothing they could do and she'd have to wait it out or possibly, could suffer for the rest of her life! Now do you think a mother and lover of her offspring is going to sit back and listen to dooms day regarding the very apple of her eye? There was not another moment to waste with the medical community so I got to work researching every extra moment I could find to get to the bottom of something natural to deliver us all from everything, including the asthma and sinusitis. I came across some natural but costly remedies for asthma that I wouldn't be able to try unless I made the initial investment which I knew we couldn't do so I kept looking...

Low and behold, I finally found it here on Earth Clinic. I intuitively knew it was the answer but was scared out of my mind to use it because there's not much info on how to apply it to children directly on this site or any other which is unfortunate because I believe the majority of asthma sufferers are children and the number one killer of children worldwide is pneumonia! Therefore, from my now new knowledge, it makes sense that the Munro HP Inhalation method is THE number one remedy for all such lung sickness (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, etc.). I prayed and asked God to direct my paths as I knew I was embarking on something extraordinary but unknown and unfamiliar to me. In complete and utter desperation for a remedy to relieve my children, I pulled out my Walmart brand 3% hydrogen peroxide from Aaron Industries, diluted it 1 part HP to 3 parts purified water (bottled water) and poured from that solution the little amount needed into the nebulizer capsule. During a violent cough attack, I began with my baby who breathed very little and INSTANTANEOUSLY, her cough disappeared as if she never had it to begin with. I then began giving her regular and daily treatments (2-4 per day and as much as she'd breath in one hit which often wasn't a lot because she wouldn't tolerate it for too long) of this same solution and very quickly noticed her lungs being cleared and no fever flair ups. After approximately one week, she was miraculously cured of that blasted virus that wouldn't let go!!! I took her back to the doctor for her follow-up shortly thereafter, and the doctor checked her lungs with her stethoscope. The doc dropped her jaw to the floor because I don't believe she even thought my baby would have bounced back so soon. I then informed her that I had found a natural remedy that I wouldn't share with her since it's so outside of her box. She concurred and stated she did not want to know what it was but on the flipside, she encouraged me to continue it because it actually works! I then gently "fired" her because she wanted to prescribe my baby on a daily regiment of steroids in the form of Pulmicort Respules using the nebulizer which I had already been there and done that with her sister for all these years. I apprised this doc that I, mom, would now not only be handling my childrens' infections but their asthma care as well (how empowering is that?!). Simultaneously, I began these same treatments for my asthmatic 6-year old because she was experiencing continual dry cough that previously would take many days and drugs to see any relief from. Again, INSTANTANEOUSLY, her cough dissipated and she'd go straight back to bed, able to sleep through the rest of the entire night without further disturbance. This was unheard of for all the years that we have suffered with her; we've endured many sleepless and restless nights. Now, whenever she coughs at night from her asthma, she gets what we dubbed, "natural nebulizer" and she really raves about it, no more racing heart and shakes from the after-effects of albuterol. For my 8-year old, the natural nebulizer initially helped her cough out some mucous but I prescribed her some ACV (regular, store-bought) in her juice every day and a lot of tea with honey which seemed to help her situation with sinusitis out even more. In a couple of weeks, she also was completely cleaned and cleared up.

For me personally, I started my menstrual cycle and began to experience my usual, incredibly painful headache. I wouldn't say a migraine but something close to it. I thought, why not, it'd be better than popping another pill (acetaminophen) with the potential of vomiting as has occurred to me in the past. I began our natural nebulizer treatments but upped the HP dosage a bit for myself and viola, my headaches disappeared instantaneously too and the treatments really made my heavy, achy body feel light and unloaded again. I began every two hours for up to two days and then experienced what I think could have been a cleansing but I'm not sure. I don't know if it was a cleansing because I normally get severe diarrhea at the onset of my menstruation. All I know is my stomach cramped up really bad and I could feel something fighting in there. The stool I passed would most certainly have been diarrhea as always in the past, but actually came out solid, though still soft. It was simply unbelievable! I felt 100% after that until later that night when my whole body ached and that nasty headache came firing back. I snuck downstairs so as not to awake my husband and took a natural nebulizer treatment which drove away the headache and enabled me to sleep through the rest of the night like a baby. The aches in my body left along with the headache and I was convinced that HP and I will never be apart again! There's a new one (remedy) for PMS. Currently, I only use these natural nebulizer treatments for dire necessities for myself and baby but more regularly on my asthmatic as she needs the maintenance. Thank you for hosting this site which I now visit daily to learn as much as I can. Thank you to all who contribute their input because we're all learning and growing together through the good and the bad knowing that "all things work together for the good…"

I just have a question for Ted in regard to the issue with hydrogen peroxide, used over a period of time, is it true that it erodes red blood cells as stated in the erroneous article about the South Carolina woman with MS who was injected with it IV? Can you address the red blood cell issue on that as I now understand that she died of the drugs NOT the HP treatments but would still like more info regarding the red blood cell issue.

Also, from my experience in dealing with small children especially, it is of critical importance that the HP inhalation method solution be diluted down considerably as they will not tolerate any stinging to their throat. As reported, I found the diluted solution to still do wonders for my children. Another side bar: I believe in treating children with the HP inhalation method, one should consider using a nebulizer machine instead of a spray bottle, the vapor is finer and more tolerable instead of just a mist and it's easier for them to handle the whole breathing in and out motion because the machine does so much more for them. I know in my state if a child is diagnosed with asthma, a doctor is legally bound to order the machine for them which will be delivered to your door free of charge. The reason for this being that sometimes asthma attacks are so acute that without this home treatment tool, one could die before arriving to a hospital so it is a liability issue for the doctor. My suggestion for those without this machine that are not able to pay for one is to take your child to the doctor and if not already diagnosed with asthma, get an asthma diagnosis and request that the doctor "fill a prescription" by ordering you a nebulizer machine. Just be sure not to disclose if you plan on using it as a natural nebulizer versus the nemesis (i.e. albuterol). I am not advocating dumping out your albuterol as I still keep some in case of emergencies but as far as using our natural nebulizer treatments for my asthmatic, so far so good as we have not had the need since for anything in our cupboard full of asthma-related drugs.

Another way I began using hydrogen peroxide since my discovery here is for my hair. I found the method described by someone on this site of putting the HP into your shampoo and shaking it up to clean your hair a little too harsh on my scalp. Instead, being a dirty blonde, I prefer the method of spraying straight 3% on my hair after a shower, while wet, and brushing it all the way through. This method has brightened my hair considerably, and my husband believes it looks better than a $300.00 professional color treatment. I am now back to a bouncing blonde, natural and highlighted looking instead of that chemical, bleached look. I just turned 40 two days ago and now look again closer to 30 thanks to that invaluable substance, hydrogen peroxide.

Anyway, I better try to keep this under 2000 words but I have been boosted, encouraged and empowered by the information that originated on this site. Thanks again for a job well done!

Sincerely Smitten,


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Kr:

I was also one of those unlucky child with asthma attacks in the late 1960s to early 1970s, but of course my parents were indifferent, so I had to find it myself.

The remedy I used, and I didn't know there was a nebulizer back then, was to add a bottle of white distilled vinegar added to a pump spray and sprayed it in the air, and just breath in the mist. Another method I have tried as a child was to add vinegar into the mechanical humdififier and breathe in. I have since modified that to use a 1% H2O2, using a mechanical humidifier (the ones with a spinning wheels and a pole that goes into the solution) and used that to treat asthma attacks I had years ago. Today I don't have it all, perhaps from regularly taking N -Acetyl Cysteine and maybe some arginine and lysine, I will never know, since I don't have it.

The standard nebulizer I used today is a 1% H2O2 solution that is breathed indirectly into the air as a fine mist so that it won't cause the irritation using the old pump spray.

What I can say is I can't afford large mechanical nebulizer machines and a humidifier can produce pretty fine mists quite well. I don't know what humidifiers are used in the States today, but if I had an asthma attack, I would most likely used the mechanical humidifier and add 1% H2O2 into the solution. A newer more effective against pneumonia, at least for me is to add the 1%-5% xylitol to prevent the pneumonia from lodging in the breathing passages, thus effectively killing them. Actually even a 5% xylitol solution without the H2O2 can be used for pneumonia too, although I may add some sea salt, 2% for example to help expand the breathing passages. The reason why it does that was that most sea salt, at least for me, is the pH is about 8, which is alkaline, causes the breathing passages to be cleared. If it is acid,or that the body is acid, the breathing passages is contracted. So I have my own H2O2, xylitol and sea salt remedies to treat pneumonia and asthma. If things came from worse to worse, then a small amount of borax is dissolved which is about 0.1%-0.5% concentration in the 1% H2O2 solution into a mechanical humidifier. The machine has since broken, so I haven't had the budget to purchase a new one, but I am sure it is within the budget for most people.

There is also a newer ones I used, to help with general breathing and removal of pollution (diesel smoke emissions), although a milder remedy is to use an ultrasonic humidifier, with sea salt added to the solution, which creates a fog to be wonderful to help with breathing problem and removing air pollution from my house which causes breathing problem. The reason is the back door of my house is a tour bus, which they turn their engine on all night. It should be noted that diesel fuel burning can initiate asthma as the diesel fuel is an irritant, so the remedy is used just to clear the pollution from my house. The mechanism in sea salt fog purifies the air quickly by the mechanism of a sea salt fog grabbing hold of the smoke particulates and then the sea salt particulates, along with the smoke drops to the floor. After which I clean the floor of the fog, without it ever going into my lungs. The problems about using the ultrasonic humidifer I used here is this Chinese brand, the fog gets recirculated to the bottom fan, and the salt fogs hits the electronic components inside the device, shorting the device after about 2 months of use. I need to modify the device where a silicone glue or plastic protects the electronic components from shorting itself out. This one for me works the best for most general breathing problems without the use of H2O2, but only uses the sea salt, and sometimes I add xylitol to prevent pneumonia. The mechanics of xylitol works this way: the sugar polyols basically unglues the pneumonia and viruses from lodging in the lungs. Once they dislodges, they die rather quickly because there is no longer any food to feed them, and the xylitol itself is unfermentable. I could also add the vinegar into my ultrasonic humidifier, but never the H2O2 because the metal components of the ultrasound which creates the fog have a tendency to degrade the H2O2 and hence are not used. H2O2 therefore is used by me usingly only the mechanical humidifier, which spins like a stop to create a mist.

I take the issue of pneumonia rather seriously because a lot of people I know, especially older people and young children, die from pneumonia, but it appears there is hope through using H2O2, but also xylitol, vinegar and sea salt. It is unusual that doctors today can't think out of the box, because I once studied for pre-medicine majoring in biochemistry and microbiology during my college days in the U.S. and I think out of the box all the time. Of course, I was severely ostracized by my friends (still a nightmare even to today) so perhaps, because of the need conformity is so great is what made many doctors unable to think independently. I was always that crazy guy with some weird research or information so luckily I made the right choice by changing my occupation to fields of computer instead of further pursuing medicine, and keeping the topic of health as a simple hobby of mind during my spare time.

Most menstruation can be lessened to a great degree if 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water plus 6 drops of H2O2 is added. The extra purification effect it has on the blood from H2O2, and alkalization will reduce the menstrual pain due to bacterial toxin overload. Basically the H2O2 neutralizes toxins by oxidation, but then so does a dechlorinator such as sodium thiosulfate drops. The common remedies for menstruation pains I used are magnesium, aspirin (it has antibiotic potential through the actions of acetylsalicylates but must be dissolved in one full glass of water before takeing them), baking soda, vitamin B complex, vitamin K2, vitamin E and H2O2 drops. These remedies just shorten the bleeding period and make the blood redder (mostly from H2O2 and baking soda), which means the blood is more purified, instead of ominous black blood, which are basically high in pathogens. The reason why I know I used to examine why the blood were so black in some people, which was what causng the menstrual pain in the first place.

Question: I just have a question for Ted in regard to the issue with hydrogen peroxide, used over a period of time, is it true that it erodes red blood cells as stated in the erroneous article about the South Carolina woman with MS who was injected with it IV? Can you address the red blood cell issue on that as I now understand that she died of the drugs NOT the HP treatments but would still like more info regarding the red blood cell issue.

It may be the drug use not mentioned because powerful vested interested. As to the question of H2O2 killing red blood cells over time is quite simple to prove. If you prepare a 0.1% concentration of H2O2 in a blood of glass vials, the blood will be bright red. The white blood cells are free of pathogens and the blood is healthy. The blood can be kept healthier and alive more longer if the 0.1% H2O2 is added whenever the blood colors become darker and the blood cells life are extended this way. On the other hand if too much H2O2 is added into the blood vials such as 1% solution, the blood cells become instantly black. If you look at the microscope, the blood cells are dead, become clumped or are destroyed. Therefore, the answer to whether H2O2 kills red blood cells overtime depends on how much H2O2 concentration IV injected into the blood. Most media will try to avoid the other drugs that were used that killed the patient and try to attack alternative medicine unfairly, when a more deadly prozac I have found was what lead to death, or suicide, or even homicidal behavior in the people who took it. Therefore if H2O2 concentration is too high and the blood becomes black, then there is a reduction in red blood cells from the H2O2 destruction, but if a low concentration of H2O2 is added, the blood won't become infected, and the blood is healthier for much longer period of time because it was the H2O2, which purified the blood from infection, rather than H2O2 increasing the content of oxygen. The H2O2, therefore acts like a white blood cells that protects the bacteria from killing off the red blood cells. In the long run, the use of low level of H2O2 allows more healther red blood cells and reduce infections in menstruation woman and this can be noted by the color of the blood. A bright red is a healthy blood, a sick disease blood is quite often black.