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Nebulizer and Denture Use

Posted by Donna (Fairview, Utah) on 03/19/2007

Could food grade hydrogen peroxide be used in a nebulizer and if so, what would be the proper dilution? Also, do you know what the dilution would be for a hydrogen peroxide denture soak? Thank you for all the great information. We appreciate you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Donna: As a nebulizer I used 0.5 to 1% concentration being the standard. It is my experience that anytime it is over 1.5% it causes skin problems, such as dryness.

If I were also to use it as a mouthwash, the standard is still 1%. Exceptions exist if you were to use this as a denture wash soak, since peroxide degrades rather rapidly in presence of metal.

However, I would prefer to use a standard 3% solution. It is very important that if you use a toothbrush, that it will not reinfect and a toothbrush should be cleaned with a 3% hydrogen peroxide weekly. Bacteria tends to accumulate on the toothbrush and most people are not aware of it.

You can tell how dense a bacteria is by just looking at the foam coming out whether it is used as a mouthwash, a toothpaste or a denture soak. However, regular denture soak using a peroxide alone don't work that well, if it is not brushed to get the filmy plaque out. It merely kills them, but not necessarily the all the filmy plaque.

This is why i think brushing the dentures, outside in a sink is a more practical means of cleaning. To get some abrasiveness, I think a 3% hydrogen peroxide with thick paste of baking soda should generally work better.

Replied by Jb Smith
Romney, West Virginia

My Denture soak routine

In my Small bowl large enough for denture soaking, I add Approx 1cup water Well water (that's what I have). (I wouldn't use peroxide in city water that uses chlorine, I would use bottled or distilled water instead. It's about a cup of water for my denture bowl size after dentures are in bowl). Then I add 1 teaspoon FG 35% peroxide Slide dentures into the peroxide denture bath Then I amuse myself watching the bubbles for a moment I forgot to mention Before the soak I wet the bristles of my toothbrush with water, then dip the pre moistened toothbrush into FG Diatomaceous Earth, (I keep a small bowl of FG DE near bathroom sink for cleaning teeth). There's enough DE powder that clings to my toothbrush to do both front and back of dentures. If the DE on toothbrush is too dry, I add a few drops of water as needed. *Note Brushing dentures with FG DE will be a bit messy around sink area, I tidy up a bit with a wipe down, after each time. Also I use over counter peroxide (3%) after each use on toothbrush after the initial sink water rinse. I've even used retail store bought 3% peroxide to wet toothbrush instead of sink water. *soak overnight mostly Sometimes Daytime half hour soak Real teeth (not dentures) Dilute peroxide to a strength between .5-1% peroxide moisten tooth brush with solution, add to bristles and brush teeth with FG DE Rinse Then add my favorite tooth paste brush again.

That routine gives me the feel of dentist clean teeth without the visit! I go to dentist about every 6 mo I'm 52.