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Concern About Warnings on Bottle

Posted by Lisa on 06/06/2007

Dear Ted: I am new to this website, so maybe you have covered this already. My concern is that I have always been told that hydrogen peroxide is poisonous. The bottle from the grocery store says Do Not Swallow . Yet I've been reading some of the remedies like inhaling it, Drinking it etc. Could you please explain this to me. Also what exactly is it suppose to do as far as changes in the body chemistry for improvement.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Lisa: Generally, the hydrogen peroxide used generally is a food grade kind, which many people purchases from the internet. Some buy them in technical, laboratory grade, USP grade, BP grade, all of which are free from stabilizers. Those are the kinds that is best. The object of labelling warnings is to prevent direct accidental ingestion of the product, which is poisonous whether there is or there is no stabilizer. My actual use is dilution below 1% for external use, but hospitals use much higher concentrations such as 3% for external use. However for internal use, it is generally free of stabilizers and concentration are often below 0.5% being the maximum. But actual internal use are only a couple of drops of 3% H2O2 in a glass of water. In event of emergency due to sickness, or food poisoning, or other more serious conditions a 3% H2O2 added in a couple of drops is used in forums for detoxification or other issues and they do use the grocery store kind, when it is not possible to obtain one. The toxicity of the product is determined by concentration of any product. If they are low enough the toxicity is low as well as taking them on a temporary basis. My preference has always been to use those peroxide which have no stabilizers and I prefer not to buy the grocery or drug store brand, unless they clearly labeled as being food grade. Labellings are legal protection to prevent the companies from being sued in event of careless used by the purchaser.