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Will It Increase Free Radicals?

Posted by Dan (Springville, Utah) on 11/05/2006

With so much talk about the importance of anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, green tea, or even negative ORP liquids, in our diets, how can it be beneficial to ingest a shot free radicals in the form of Hydrogen Peroxide on a regular basis? Aren't our bodies subjected to excessive free radicals already, without adding to oxidation by means of a substance like Hydrogen Peroxide? Help me understand how to reconcile this apparent paradox

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You have to understand that hydrogen peroxide is a a little known antidote to poisons and toxic chemicals and has antiviral and antibacterial properties, besides the fact that it is also a free radical. Unfortunately, free radical and the science of aging is not due to free radical oxygen per se. The science of aging was not based on free radical oxygen caused by hydrogen peroxide, it was based on a well known chemistry topic called the Fenton reaction, first theorized by Dr. Denham Harman in the 1950s which involved free radical iron, creating the free radical hydroxyl compound as opposed to free radical oxygen.

In fact, there are several kinds of free radicals, most of which are much more toxic to the cells than just the free radical oxygen, such as free radical hydroxyl compounds (causes aging), free radical free fatty acids (causes diabetes), and nitric oxide free radical (causes baldness and sterility).

Many of these are hundreds of times more dangerous than free radicals oxygen. Also our body has a way to protect itself anyway and in fact natural spring water is rich in hydrogen peroxide. Even the sacred healing water at Lourdes is rich in hydrogen peroxide. Your white blood cells digest harmful bacteria and viruses using by synthesizing hydrogen peroxide. Using hydrogen peroxide is the best ways of killing the anaerobic bacteria and viruses.

In fact our blood cells and body utilizes hydrogen peroxide by carrying them to the site that needs to kill the pathogen. Hydrogen peroxide in low levels is known to neutralized toxic insecticides, chemical poisons, and even snake's poisonous venom.

I have seen an underground video demonstration of neutralization of chemical toxin found in vegetables and meats just by bubbling ozones to neutralized them completely in minutes. Ozones and hydrogen peroxide are common antiseptic and natures way to neutralizing toxic chemicals in the environment.

So yes, hydrogen peroxide is a free radical, but our body have a way to deal with this by the action of gluthathione.

But on the other hand, poisons such as snakes venom, while it is NOT a free radical, can kill you in minutes, if you don't neutralized them with a weak solution hydrogen peroxide. Or how about your liver, which accumulates insecticides and other harmful chemicals over the course of your lifetime, this can be detoxed by hydrogen peroxide. Our body cannot get rid of this, just read up on anatomy and physiology 101.

If you worry so much about aging, like I do, I would worry more about the Fenton reaction where accumulation of free radical heavy metals constantly create free hydroxyl radicals for the rest of your life, while hydrogen peroxide is present in your body not more than 50 minutes, enough to neutralize and kill the virus or bacteria.

For me I would check for urinary heavy metals, this is the real free radicals. So far all my friends are tested positive for urinary free radical heavy metals, in fact it is safe to say that at least where I live, about 90% of the people I know have free radical heavy metals. Despite my health consciousness, I tested with positive heavy metals in my urine and I guess, chelation would be a lifetime event for me because most of my food is tested positive for heavy metals, creating a virtual free radical inside your body. This is what I would worry about.