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Hydrogen Peroxide - Acne Help

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/22/2011

Dear Ted,

Thank you so much for your post about HP on the earthclinic website. I came across the website searching for acne remedies.

I just started using HP and it has cleared up my acne fast. However, I am worried about it's long term health risks. I know you explained in your post that pharma companies point out dangers of HP so their business isn't jeopardized. But I am still very worried because I have read on numerous other websites that our skin cells are similar to microbes/bacteria etc so when hp kills those it kills our skin cells also (including www.acne.org website.) Please advise me on this. Is it safe to use HP 2/3 times a day every single day? On the bottle it says 'do not use more than 7 days.'

Also, I have started rinsing my mouth with it too. Is that also completely safe?

Thank you SO much for your time

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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HP is an oxidative therapy. You can do it but not forever definitely. What I can do, I can do alternate days, but for some people 5 days on and 2 days off. The schedules works for different people. If the acne isn't there I wouldn't probably use it until it comes back. Now the numbers of days to come back is divided by two, and that tells you the number of days you can be off. So if it takes 4 days to come back, divided by 2 means you can be off only two days. HP works by detoxing your body so it is only part of the overall remedy to lessen it, the other is regular bowel movement and some hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade one capful in one liter at least once a week is fine for me, even if I don't have any problems, but it does clear my blood too. Sure they can say H2O2 don't go in blood or that it causes embolism, but blood tests from people who take H2O2 found to their surprise an increase in blood oxygen and the fact that it causes embolism is taking to an extreme since we are consuming only 1 capful of H2O2 3% food grade in one liter of water, is not enough to cause it.

One word of warning (and this comes from many of my clients asking me to post this warning): Do not take accutane (or isoretinoin), it will cause lifetime disability, even briefly.


Anonymous replies: "Thank you so much for your reply.
I feel my acne coming back when I don't apply hp. But I'll try the alternate days idea. Thanks for the accutane warning, I stopped short of taking it and turned to natural remedies. I am 24 and like many acne sufferers tried everything I could to get rid of acne but it kept coming back. My dermatologist prescribed doxycycline and differin. The doxycycline wreaked havoc on my digestive system by killing all the good probitic bacteria also. I noticed that cutting out foods containing hydrogenated oils helped me but acne came back. So only things I discovered that helped are benzoyl peroxide, acv, epsom salt(as face wash) and HP. HP I decided to use because acv didn't get rid of my acne completely and it was coming back. I am afraid same might happen with HP.

I can't find the reason behind my acne. I feel it's the water where I live or something in the environment and not that my blood is toxic. But I'm not sure. This is because I'm in the U.S. But when I go to the U.K. my acne disappears! I installed a chlorine shower filter and am hoping that helps.

So you are saying that hp does kill skin cells and shouldn't be used every day but is safe if used on alternate days? I am still confused on whether I should keep using it or not. It has definitely helped with my red marks. My acne is like red bumps and mainly on cheeks and chin. Forehead is clear. I feel dandruff is playing a role too and my skin becomes very dry and flaky in the U.S.

Also, I think I have low oxygen in my blood but am too scared to take it orally. I feel this because as a teenager I had red cheeks (a nice, healthy flush) which slowly disappeared but came back when I worked out even for a few minutes. However, I have been running 2 miles per day and the blood flow is not getting to my cheeks.

Again, any more advice from you esp on hp use every day will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you"

Ted responds to Anonymous: "So you are saying that hp does kill skin cells and shouldn't be used every day but is safe if used on alternate days?
No, I meant taken orally. Apply on face it can be applied without problems, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used topically application is between 0.5% to 1.5%, with median use around 1% to 1.5%. You won't notice much with 0.5%

Also, I think I have low oxygen in my blood but am too scared to take it orally.
If I feel taking orally is dangerous, consider will I drink if hydrogen peroxide 3% in a swimming pool tank will harm? Or one drop 3% in one liter will harm me. If the answer is no, I will try that concentration and slowly increase the concentration.


Replied by Alex
Miami, Florida

Hi, you need to check your hormones and not from your basic doc. but from a doc. that is familiar with alternative health there more than just a 2-3-4 hormones but also your food consumption/ digestion.

Replied by Anonymous

Ok thanks. So I can apply 1 to 1.5% HP on my face every day? I am worried about 'free radical damage' wrinkles and other skin problems that people claim HP causes. Thanks."

09/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It won't cause as much free radical damage as do UV rays. You can also put lotion on it, vitamin E, after the hydrogen peroxide.


Replied by Sarah
Murray, Utah
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Order a copy of this book, "The One Minute Cure", by Madison Cavanaugh. It explains everything you need to know about H202 Therapy. It talks about inhalation and ingestion. I highly reccomend having a copy because it will answer all your questions. Hope this helps.

Replied by Genevieve
La Veta, Co.

Hi, I also have acne. I've had it for 5 years now, tried everything. Just recently (less then a week ago) I started using 3% hydrogen peroxide on my entire face and chest. I am a skin picker and when I used the solution on my wounds they quickly scabbed up turned a gross color and made it impossible for me to go outside! Anyways, yesterday I was able to peel away my scabs and my skin (nose skin mostly) is good-as-new. My acne has also cleared quite considerably, and continues to do so everyday. I apply the solution after I take a shower because I too believe the water pounding against my face is tainted and like to cleanse any of that off afterwards. Did I mention I use a Bentonite clay mask before taking a shower? I mix 3 tbsp. B. C. With 1 tsp. Spirulina and a half tsp. Chlorella, for a green look, and because I also supplement with both. The masks I do have dramatically increased my skins overall health. Anyways, as a chronic acne sufferer I am probably the best suited to give ANYONE the best information on what methods are available to treat acne. If you are interested in Bentonite clay check out ABOUTCLAY. Com, you'll be glad you did. If you live in the U. S. The best place to buy the clay is Mountain Rose Herbs. Here's an article on Spirulina and Chlorella, http://www.naturalnews.com/SpecialReports/Superfoods.pdf. And the best website for learning about H2O2 that I've come across thus far would have to be, http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_industryweapons33.htm.

For a diet that goes against all dis-ease check out the Raw Food Diet, good websites to start with are FitOnRaw. Com, FredericPatenaude. com, and JinjeeTalifero.com.

The internet is full of misleading information. H2O2 is a great alternative medicine and I would read The One Minute Cure website before beLIEving in anything some random commenter says.

Best of Luck!

Replied by Anthony

I would look into using turmeric as a facial scrub. It is a wonderful skin detoxifier amongst it's many other amazing qualities. You can find many great methods and reciepies on YouTube. Just remember with turmeric it will get worse before better because it pulls all toxins out of skin. Clean with herbal soaps, and use distilled water to clean your face with...let it air dry.