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What Is the Best Dilution?

Posted by Diane (England) on 10/14/2006

Ted -: I bought hydrogen peroxide solution 6% bp 20 vols. Is this the same as the 3% but double the strength and can I just dilute it to 3% or 1% by adding the correct amounts of water. I'm not sure what "20 vols" means, can you tell me. I have white blood cells in my urine and a lots of back and kidney pains, plus a sore feeling throat that doesn't look sore. What is the best amount to take and how often. I want to rid myself of any viruses I have which are causing my problems as doctors don't help. I am also using the ACV with Bicarbonate of Soda, do I need to add potassium citrate. I am also oil pulling, my mouth and teeth seem cleaner but I haven't been doing it long. Please let me know about the HP as I don't want to take too much, or too little. Thanks in anticipation Ted.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Diane:

I bought hydrogen peroxide solution 6% bp 20 vols.

This means they hydrogen peroxide if completely decomposed will generate 20 times its original volume to form oxygen. So a 1 liter hydrogen peroxide if completely decomposed will generate 20 bottles of oxygen gas. A 10 volumes often mean 3% H202, and 6% obviously means 20 volumes.

If you have white blood cells in urine, it means the kidney is eating up itself or the body's is attacking itself, like an autoimmune response. Therefore it is best to normalized the body by ridding the body of excess pathogens by taking in more zinc supplements, such as zinc acetate, or zinc chloride, or zinc gluconate, at 25-50 mg/day taken for about 2 or 3 weeks. This alone will kill the pathogens and at the same time reduce the body's immune response, thus reducing the white blood cells.

When the body's terrain is acidic, you get the body on overdrive to attack more pathogens because they tend to grow best in that condition. Therefore, for your condition a more cautious approach would be better. Just take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda once in the morning and in the evening in 1/2 glass of warm water. Or take whole lemon freshly squeezed plus water to 1//2 glass of water and keep adding the baking soda at 1/4 teaspoon interval until the fizz is reduced. Then take it from there. This will provide sufficient citrates, bicarbonates and ascorbate necessary to reduce the immune response by increasing the oxygen levels in alkalinity condition reducing the immune stress.

Hydrogen peroxide should help reduce the pathogen buildup rather quickly and reduce the sore throat. Most people will take 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you buy a 6%, then just double the water to get 3%. Then on the 3% add 6 drops of it for drinking. Energy level and some soreness would be reduce, but again soreness have many causes, such as excess acid, lack of magnesium, etc.

You can take ACV on the third week after taking baking soda for two weeks in a row. The body should have sufficient buffer whereby the ACV and baking soda can be done later, due to excess pathogen buildup.

Yes, you should add a small amount of potassium citrate, it helps alkalize the intracellular fluids more efficiently. Just baking soda merely alkalize the acidic extracellular fluids.

One of these days, I am going to have to modify the oil pulling you have been doing. For one thing certain oils are good at drawing heavy metals, while certain oils are good at drawing pathogens. On the other hand, lecithin plus a sufficient amount of oil mixed together is great for pulling the toxins internally, so that the oil will not damage the system whenever lecithin is added in sufficient quantity. I call it internal oil pulling.