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Reader Commentary and Ted's Response on Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by CMSR (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 01/23/2007

I really want to believe hydrogen peroxide (HP) is the miracle substance and the only reason why it hasn't been accepted by conventional medicine is due to the blocking powers and economic interests of pharmaceuticals and other industrial lobbies that would have no interest whatsoever in finding a cheap, easily available and non-patentable treatment to all sorts of medical conditions, and not because its principle of action may be flawed and its sides effects potentially serious.

I have been educating myself by reading scientific papers on oxidation processes and therapies (with HP or Ozone) and their effect on the human body. The reports from individual experiences were so positive and some of the defenders so hyped and excited about it that I really though we had found something truly remarkable. On top, the underlying principle seemed almost flawless at first: anaerobic virus and bacteria oxygen = death of bacteria and virus by oxidation. Conversely: aerobic human cells oxygen = thriving environment for the cells and improvement of the immune system and health in general resulting in delayed aging.

In fact, and as far as I understand it, it's a bit more complex than that. The HP that reaches the blood stream through oral or IV intake, changes in the presence of certain enzymes such as catalase. In the presence of this enzyme HP (H2O2) will break down into two molecules: one molecule of water (H2O) and a single atom of oxygen (singlet). The singlet, being a single atom, has an erratic and instable behaviour in the body, and will try to bind to anything it finds in its way, not only virus and bacteria. Hence the name free radical. When they try to bind with available compounds and molecules such as lipids, proteins and heavy metals they degenerate them by oxidation. These new compounds may also agglutinate with other molecules and continue the oxidation/degenerative process within the body. This is the reason why the body needs to take antioxidants (such as vit A, C, E, Selenium etc) to neutralise the effects of free radicals that result in degeneration and death of the cells and slowly lead to the development of diseases and aging.

Oxygen is necessary for life, but eventually we die due to the effects of oxygen by-products: basically we 'rust' away.

Some facts: it has been shown scientifically that intense physical exercise, such at that practised by competition athletes leads to the exponential creation of free radicals in the body, due to the high intake of oxygen through intense breathing. In fact it has been shown statisically that the longevity of intense sports athletes is shorter than that of the average individual not practicing intense physical exercise.

Yet, we all know that we feel re-energised and generally healthier when exercising, although the immediate feeling of energy results partially from an 'oxygen high'. There are a lot of positive effects in the body resulting from exercise/increased intake of oxygen, but one needs to realise that the sub-products of oxidative therapies are harmful to the body. So the secret is to take the right amount of oxygen and the right amount of anti-oxidants(generally the higher the better) to neutralise the effects of the free radicals.

As an example that the human body is in a delicate balance that should not be disturbed, and that the secret to prevent diseases is to respect that balance and take the optimal amount of supplements, take for instance thermal waters, some of the most famous thermal waters where people go to bathe ontain radioactive properties in it and yet it seems to be in the right measure, since it benefit the body rather than kill it. The same with HP and ozone therapies, they might actually be the holly grail of medical therapies and yet we need to know exactly what quantity to take either orally or IV in order to avoid oxidation effects and premature aging. It is unclear whether that balance has been found, since the side effects might not be felt immediately after intake of HP but only mid/long term. On the other hand, fighting and curing a serious disease definitely changes one's priorities, and in that situation maximum longevity might be less of a concern when compared with regaining health. But for those in generally good health, there is no reason why we should take substances that can potentially be counterproductive in the prevention of disease and in the fight against aging.

I hope that people that decide to take HP and other oxygen therapies do it based on a educated choice after having researched and pondered the pros and cons. That said, I use HP as much as possible topically and would seriously consider taking it orally or IV once more information and research is available regarding its side effects. CMSR.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Firstly, hydrogen peroxide does not extend longevity like a fountain of youth. What it does is it offers the body a secondary immune system when the body is overwhelmed with viruses, bacteria and fungus that the body's present immune system is unable to fight off.

Once these numbers are lowered enough, then quite often our immune system starts from there. A virus multiplies very rapidly, like a flu viruses and reaches saturated number within hours. I can tell when I have a fever, took about 10 drops or more of hydrogen peroxide 3% (average dose for most is 6 drops), and my fever is reduced and comes back again within about almost 2 hours. The effect of the killing the viruses or the peroxide stays in the blood for about 50 minutes before the effect wears off. To make a continuous killing so that the body does not get overwhelmed with viral multiplation and allow the body to find an appropriate antibodies to fight against them will take a little time, but the fastest I see may be only a day. Often the frequency of intake should be around every one hour. I can't be exact, since I do so many experiments if I have the cold. Hydrogen peroxide alone is not enough.

The body consumes an awful lot of bicarbonates necessary to neutralize the virus by alkalization, which in my own estimates is about 4 teaspoon a day during with a maximum flu or cold symptoms, but this breaks down to something like 2 teaspoon two times a day, or about than 1 teaspoon 4 times a day. Zinc is also an important element with immune system. The white blood cells and the body's ability to kill these viruses uses several mechanisms. It uses hydrogen peroxide to digest them, it uses nitric oxide also (from sodium ascorbate vitamin C, or sodium nitrite from food sources under the tongue), and finally it uses zinc to produce more white blood cells to defend.

The red blood cells basically carries the hydrogen peroxide, taken orally, to the part of the body that is needed the most to kill the foreign pathogens. So you can extend your life by offering the body an immune system and prevent you from dying, but not an anti aging medicine. You won't die of diseases, due to immune system. A simple way to know that peroxide actually goes to the blood is simple. There is a medical tests that look for the amount of oxygen carried by the blood. It rises up within half an hour sometimes longer upon taking them. The other is woman's menstruation. Those who took peroxide during menstruation reported bright red color of their blood instead of black or brown color, indicating more oxygen is carried by the blood. So the argument on whether peroxide is absorbed or not is easy to determine, reduction in fever, bright red blood on menstruation, or just oxygen percentage by doctors based on blood tests, which is usually higher than average to 100% of oxygen carried by the blood.

Finally, peroxide is also good, through the actions of free radical to neutralize chemical toxins that accumulated in the liver throughout the life. The demonstration was quite dramatic as I have seen where they bubble ozone into a colored chemical toxins present in the meat product, completely destroying them within a minute. Therefore both ozones and peroxide are also good in detoxification.

I once had a 10 year acne. No medicine and supplements I tried work, so I quit. One day I was experimenting with hydrogen peroxide and my friend commented, that my acne was disappearing. Then I found out that the reason was chemical toxins. Peroxide cleared up my acne within a month, but I was so happy with it I continued that for a whole year. Overdoing a little bit, but I just wanted to know how much more improvement I can get. However a month or two for most should be just fine.

I can therefore conclude that hydrogen peroxide is supportive of one's immune system, and the average dose is 6 drops per glass per dose for most people, and in virus problem, peroxide is not the only element needed.

Mother nature has used several mechanisms to protect the body, not only peroxide, but also, zinc, bicarbonates(alkalization) and even nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can be derived from nutrition such as amino acids, L-glutamine, L-argninine, or it can simply be available from vitamin C sodium ascorbate.

In cases of pneumonia, peroxide is not much helpful and other more suitable therapies would likely to be breathing ozone. It could save your life in such event. Holistic medicine is always like that, no single element revolves around a universe. They are all synergistic and you need to consider several things necessary for any recovery. While it is not a longevity medicine it does support the immune system and quite helpful when you are sick.

Replied by Tony J.

I agree, thank you. I have been taking food grade 35 percent for years now...I had and acne problem gone.... and it help fight any virus...you miss out on 1 very important thing.

When taking this product....it must be done on an empty stomach 1 hour before and after eating and you need too take this with distilled water only.