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Distilled or Tap Water?

Posted by Bob (Parsonsburg, MD) on 08/13/2006

I have a question. I keep reading that hp should be taken with distilled water on an empty stomach. However, I also read that farm animals prosper very well when hp is added to their drinking water. Do they take it in distilled water on an empty stomach? I doubt it. Is it possible that the method of ingestion is not that critical? Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Bob: When I take my hydrogen peroxide I take it on ordinary water, not distilled water. Some people like to take it on distilled water, but I believe that ordinary water is better since distilled water lacks bicarbonates and buffers, which are necessary since in alkaline water tends to absorb oxygen better then distilled water.

If you don't believe me try this experiment. Measure a pH meter on distilled water and leave it out for a couple of hours. The pH will drop from pH 7 to about pH 5. Distilled water tends to absorb CO2 but not oxygen and therefore it is not desirable if your goals are to increase your body's oxygen levels.

In my own personal use, I often add H2O2 to to a glass water with baking soda to help alkalized my body along with the H2O2 if I think I am coming down with the cold. This is the best way to increase the body's oxygen levels, thereby killing anaerobic bacteria and viruses by oxidation.

Replied by Karen
Edmonton , Alberta

I have read that the chlorine in tap will change the H2O2 into basically water and this is the reason for the distilled. Do you have any thoughts on this. I have checked with my water supplier and chlorine is added to the water.

Replied by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa

When Ted is referring to taking the H202 with ordinary water is he referring to tap water here ? Please give me your feedback as soon as possible because I am getting ready to start taking the H202. Thank you Doddie

Replied by Robert
Reading, Pa

How much and how often?