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#1 Question: Hydrogen Peroxide and Free Radicals

Posted by Regina (Westport, CT) on 08/22/2006

After an injury, I feel aches that I did not have before. Trying hydrogen peroxide as you prescribe seems effective. I looked through some books on health that I had on hand, and found in one by Gary Null that he considers hydrogen peroxide to be a free radical, along with superoxide anion, hydrogeyn radical, singlet oxygen and hypochlorous acid. However, later in the book he uses it along with ACV to wash vegetables. Any thoughts on why he might be wrong about this being a free-radical?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Regina: First you have to recognized that we are dealing with propaganda from the pharmaceuticals. So those who are knowledgeable will misinform you against all kinds of arguments for you not to pursue alternative medicine. You are the judge. If it works, use it.

Your body has a mechanism in dealing with H2O2, by carrying the free radical oxygen to the site of the problem where it needs the most. Usually the blood will do that anyway. Usually the H2O2 will stay in your blood for about 50 minutes and is quite stable, and it goes to the site of infection, or areas that needs oxygen, then it is used up.

Most of the theories of free radicals has much to do with intracellular (inside the cell) as opposed to extracelular (outside the cell) free radical oxygen.

The mitochrondria is sensitive to free radical oxygen, true, but the free radical oxygen is generated by the mitochrondria's own respiration when oxygen breaks down to free radicals. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide from outside the cell, extracellularly, does not actually reach inside the cells as it is carried by the blood to a place where the body needs the most and is usually destroyed by bacteria or viruses which you don't want anyway.

So in fact the authorities are doing word play here. Free radicals oxygen we do need at a certain levels necessary to kill dangerous anaerobic viruses and bacteria. Since they are thousands of times smaller, they get killed first before it really have any harm to the much much larger human cells.

The free radicals that you really have to worry are ionic free heavy metals, such as iron, where scientists called the Fenton reaction, that is really responsible for the aging process. You must recognized that this free radical is actually NOT a free radical oxygen, it is a free radical hydroxyl ion, or -0H, which is far deadlier to our cells then oxygen for a very good reason: your body has no way of controlling it! The only way to rid this constant free radical hydroxyl ion is simple: chelation, or oral chelation EDTA being the cheapest, which is usually what the authorities also reject.

Your aches could be caused by two possible conditions. One could be the lack of oxygen to the area, but the second one is much more likely: the aches is caused by a nanobacteria, which creates calcium shells, and accumulate toxins responsible for the pain. Hydrogen peroxide, if you actually play around with chemistry as long as I have, does neutralize an awful lot of toxins inside your body, including chemical toxins in the liver as well as snake's venom, into a less toxic form of chemicals. In my opinion, it is the second reason, that is why your felt better. This is not the kind of information you find in the internet since, right now, everyone is copying everyone's else information. They are simply not doing original research, experiments or observations.

So there is no information easy to find out there that is really useful for you unless you can separate real information from propaganda information. I have been doing this for so long, that I have no problem separating this, but quite often, most people have a real problem with this. In fact your question is the most Frequently Asked Question here at Earthclinic.