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Questions About Detoxing with Food Grade H2O2

Posted by Pierre (Phuket, Thailand) on 05/05/2009

Hi Ted,

My name is Pierre and have some questions about Hydrogen Peroxide

The friend of me tell me about the hydrogen peroxide couple of months ago and I Made my small research, I started with 10 drops 3 time per day 6% HP food grade,

day 1 - 30 dr. day 2 - 35 dr. day 3 - 40 dr. .... and rise 5 Drops per day ..

Now I am on 80 drops 3/3 and thats for the last 4 weeks. Please share your experience, thats the way to detox, is to long and the quantity of HP 6% is this right ? Or I have to rise the daily intake and for how long time? I was founded dif. opinions but want to know yours. My idea on the beginning was to help my Allergy and to re-please fasting detox with something more powerful .. like a lemonade fasting I have dan couple of years ago.

Thanks for your time and I really loved your ideas at earth-clinic and for sure they help much,

With Best Regards Pierre from Phuket

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Pierre:

I have found that it's not the amount of H2O2 that detoxify the body, but rather a consistently stable dose of H2O2 more than does the job. It's the same analogy as the Rabbit and the Tortoise race, slow and steady wins the race. The remedy I used is quite simple, just add a fair amount of H2O2 into the drinking water and drink as if it's an ordinary drinking water. Just add enough of the H2O2 that you won't know it's there or at least just the amount that is comfortable. For example my dose is to add 1 cap per liter of water or roughly 30 drops of 3% H2O2 per liter of water. It is just a rough measurement. That's the highest H2O2 I used without noticing it's there and drink that as a regular drinking water. The drinking water will therefore constantly reduce the toxins but there is another kind of toxins that H2O2 might not be able to neutralized and it can be switched over once a month or twice a month, only one or two day with the sodium thiosulfate drops. Which is 10% sodium thiosulfate, 10 drops per liter of water. It tends to neutralize other types of toxins. Initial taking of this may have a laxative effect, more like detoxification, thereafter no more problems. There was one time where the H2O2 helped so much in clearing the skin, I continued taking the H2O2 as a drinking water for roughly 2 years, continuously. Apparently I helped reverse the aging process to a great extent. I had to discontinue the H2O2 since I need to pursue other experiments such as fulvic acid, sodium thiosulfate, and other things, and now I may take it for only a shorter period for 1-2 months only. However, the H2O2 can be added as long as I like and in fact most spring waters do contain trace H2O2 but it's concentration is relatively low, but Lourdes water has a relatively higher concentration of H2O2, which is why it is attributed to have healing properties. Actually I believe it's both H2O2 and the parts per million of hydrogen gas, which is found in Kangen water and many healing water as well.