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Is Hydrogen Peroxide That Has Benzoic Acid As a Preservative Safe?

Posted by J. on 05/10/2011

Hello Ted,

I have been reading your posts on EC. I'm especially interested in Hydrogen Peroxide. Recently I bought a bottle 6% H2O2 that has Benzoic acid as preservative. Is it safe for me to orally consume the H2O2 after dilution to 3%? It is difficult for me to find food grade 35% H2O2. Your reply is very much appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Benzoic acid is also found in small amounts in various natural fruits. Much of the negative press is about sodium benzoate as it readily degrades to benzene. It's found in Coke and Pepsi. Benzoic acid is safer, assuming the H2O2 clearly labels that it is, and therefore is safe to consume.


Replied by Jill
Lapeer, Michigan, Usa

Hello Ted,

My name is Jill and I have been using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for several year now. I got my food grade from a great web site called rebekahspureliving.com. They were very helpful. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide has changed my life and I would olny use food grade to injest. I hope this helps..Jill

Replied by J.

Hi Ted, thank you very much for your reply to my e-mail. A few days ago I purchased another bottle of 6% H2O2. This particular brand is made in Thailand by the GPO (The Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Bangkok Thailand). There is no indication on the bottle label that it contains stabilizers or preservatives. I have tested the H2O2 for stabilizers/preservatives as per your direction on EC. I put some H2O2 in a covered dish under the sun for some time, there was no bubble formation or color change to the solution. From this, I presumed that this particular H2O2 is free of stabilizers or preservatives. I could be right or wrong! Ted, maybe you are familiar with the 6% H2O2 made by the GPO. I would appreciate it if you could clarify that this H2O2 if free of stabilizers/preservatives. By the way Ted, your bicarbonate plus ACV formula has helped me with my heart burn.

Thank you Ted."

06/17/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "H2O2 test there is another test. You put H2O2 in a glass of water. It will show a yellowish streak. All GPO and all commercial H2O2 have stabilizers in Thailand, except medical grade or chemical grade. Interesting fact is that stabilizers added to H2O2 never work, I think they add that to prevent you from consuming it since they are cancer causing.