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Okay to Repeat Remedy?

Posted by Nikki (Fergus Falls, USA) on 01/29/2007

Hydrogen Peroxide: I had been miserable for a week. Sore throat, unproductive but painful cough, fatigue, aches, chills and my temp was constantly below 97.1. Strep test was negative. I seem to get mono this time every year, yes mono. We just got back from Costa Rica 8 days ago and I was fine until that final 16 hours traveling by air or in airports.. I knew this was coming,,then home to 10 below 0. I called the local clinic and asked if there were any confirmed flu cases in town., Negative. Mono then. NOthing over the counter works for mono, Just a recliner and a down comforter & send the kids away! I tried Ted's 12 drops 3 peroxide 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 4 oz of water over 2 hours time. I woke up a different person. I still have a little cough but I don't feel awful today. Last year it took me 3 months to get over this. NOTE TO TED.. would it be okay to repeat remedy until I am completely recovered. Is there another way to contact Ted about Candida in young children, we desperately need a quick fix for our very sick little one, thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Nikki: You can repeat the remedy until you recover. It would also help a lot if you consider taking some zinc supplements, especially 25 mg. every other day at least. Take some sodium ascorbate too, but at different times, where the dose is about 1000 mg/day. Do not clash the remedy with peroxide, but do that at least 3 hours away from the peroxide therapy. If you can't find ascorbate, then ascorbic acid in water with baking soda until the fizz goes away will do it nicely.

A low body temperature indicates the inability for the body to raise its body temperature to defend the microbes. Some iodine foot painting might help. There are other remedies, but the simplest way is to raise the room temperature to about 100 degree fahrenheit, if possible! If not, then consider a hot bath for several hours, not too hot, 100 degree Fahrenheit would suffice. Indians do it for the entire night in hot sauna bath. This is an ancient way to cure many conditions, and the medical practice call this hyperthermia. Most microbes cannot survive at about 103 degree fahrenheit, but in practice 100 degree fahrenheit is usually sufficient.

Long distance airplane flying is often to blame, not exotic countries in itself, otherwise the entire Costa Rica will have people with mono running around. Basically the airplane, lowers the body's immune system, by creating free radical positive charges since these planes acquire positive static charges from the clouds which are quite often anywhere from 100,000 volts to 400,000 volts and severe amperes. It can really put the body's immune system into suppression.

Therefore, you can even fly yourself to Los Angeles to New York and get mono too. The issue is that the plane lowers the body's immune system as well as causing blood clots from excessive positive charges. You can test yourself and look at your blood live in a microscope before and during traveling. It only takes 1 hour for your blood the completely change once you are up in the air. It clots! This is why some people have heart attacks and other people call it deep vein thrombosis or economy class syndrome.

The simple remedy not to get disease during long distance flying is to take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 2000 mg of vitamin C before, during and after the trip. The negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of a chemical of vitamin C is strongly negative in an alkaline solution of baking soda, which will counteract quite easily the positive charges of static electricity caused by the plane as it flies high in the clouds. As a result, you won't have jet lag, recover a lot faster from long distance flying, possibly protect yourself against heart attack, and best of all, you won't catch diseases as easily during long distance flying. This is also one reason why food always tasted so bad in an airplane. It has nothing to do with bad food, the body acquires too much positive charges that the food tastes bad. It is the same with pregnant mothers who can't eat. A simple remedy for pregnant mothers is the same, vitamin C with baking soda. It will neutralize excess positive charge as the baby grows and sends excess positive charge wastes and that would neutralize them too.

Zinc is also quite supportive and should be taken at least once before a trip. Zinc acetate is my favorite, and it is about 50 mg. should I fly. But the last time I flown was more than a decade ago.