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Anti-oxidant Vs. Oxygen

Posted by Jody (Colorado) on 09/04/2007

Hello;I have been eating alkaline foods and making sure(using pH paper) that I keep my body in an alkaline state. I drink distilled water with baking soda and some fresh lime juice added. I recently bought H202 in 8% food grade and plan to dilute and drink this as well. My question is this: Why take ANTIoxidants and then take something to oxygenate my body? I feel that I have gotten confused somewhere and cannot move forward without and undertanding of this process. Any help you can give me to clarify this is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jody

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jody: Yes it is one of those FAQs that need to be answer. I can best give a good example with an illustration.

A car needs gasoline to run its engine. For the gasoline to burn it needs oxygen. But oxygen also causes rust (oxidation) in the engine which is why paint is used on the exterior of the engine and certain metals which prevents rusting such as stainless steel is used so the engine can run relatively rust free.

The motor oil also protects the rust from forming by forming a thin oil so the the metals don't react with the oxygen and the water vapor from the atmosphere.

In effect, the engine needs oxygen to burn fuel and at the same time needs certain antioxidant to prevent rusting so that the engine can burn without the problems of rust. Thus reducing the wear and tear.

In the same way that cells needs oxygen to work, but the antioxidant is what protects the cells from damage. Hopefully, this might clear some confusion.

Replied by Nichole
Monroe, OH

Dear Lori,

I was reading your post and saw that you suffer from hypothyroidism, I wanted to share with you that I too suffered from this my whole life, but no more. I have been taking Iodine, along with a list of other supplements. You can find this list at TheIodineProject.com as well as my story and many others on how we naturally reversed our hypo and hyper thyroidism with the use of Iodine.

Replied by Sachin
Delhi, Delhi, India

Ted, thats a wonderful analogy. Explains it very clearly in simple words!